Friday, December 14, 2012

You again

Walking under the rain alone in Orchard, is no fun at all.

I was a bit abnormal yesterday, and when I finally get to sleep. I dream about you and you again. 
Still haunting me, even though I tried to cut down on everything could have reminded me of you.

You were smiling happily, like you always do, in the pictures, with you sweetly. In my damn dream.

I woke up and feeling....awful.

Expected, the slide which I didn't do well, got criticized by the bosses, both of them. 
I know they expected MORE, like much more, like a level up. A standard one, which I suppose to have by NOW.

I'm just not capable enough, my mind seriously not working properly when I tried to do my slides, for few days.

Seeing Christmas deco everywhere, is lonely this time.
The lights are beautiful, the atmosphere is right. But I don't feel anything.
Tried to buy something to cheer myself up, but I only attracted to Liverpool books. Such a loser.

Injured my toes. It hurts and hard to bear.

Love is everywhere, couples are holding hands and kissing.
Families are gathering together to shop for christmas, sales are everywhere for Christmas as well.
Such a blissful season. I appreciate the years we spent. Under the big cross and friends, drinks after service and presents.

View from 70th floor.
I'm starting to learn drinking now. Beer, liquor.
had Gin Tonic at 70th floor Equinox today, in Swissotel.
The view is breath taking, for a moment my world is peaceful, looking at the view.

Perfect place for a romantic hang out :)

The view make up the trip, it's all worth it.

Had some really nice time catching up with the colleagues. I like this quarterly session, I felt like I'm belongs to here, the office which I can proudly say is my company. (Although I don't own a space yet)

Amazing people inspires me, and I do need inspiration now. The business trip is not about fancy hotel and shopping at all, is recharging. I need positive energy, I need to see the passionate faces to reinforce myself, to remind myself why did I love this job so much.

They are truly inspiration, and amazing talent. X-men my boss said, Xmen talent.
Frankly, I don't know my strength yet. He told me he 'kinda' know my strength, and given me an assignment to do.

I don't even 'kinda' am I suppose to utilize my not known strength?

Year 2013 gonna be a good year, because the best thing have happened to me. If 2013 will ever come.


Tammy Chan said...

Wei Sin, stay strong and hang in there. If there is something I learn this year, we really would have our ups and downs. When we are down, only those who are worth it will be there and continue to have faith in us and believe that we can go up again, and there are the ones who will be there to help us up. I was also very distracted the past few months, but then I realised that my boss always believed in me, even through my down periods. I believe your boss is the same too. We can't always be up, but one day we will be up again. I am glad that things are slowly taking a turn, for you, it will too, but really it takes a long time sometimes. Let's just slowly live through the down, and wait for the high times :)

weisin said...

Another thing I leanr this year, besides all the relationship thingy, are friends. *hugs*