Sunday, December 30, 2012


Here I am, putting the TV on and just sit here, letting the TV be my company.
These few days I have some roller coaster emotions, talked to a dear friend and immediately feel better, she's awesome.

Rethink back the time we had. Maybe this is how I lead my own relationship to this stage.
Maybe it's normal, maybe it's not, when feelings cool down, and everything become a norm.
Treating each other good is a norm, being there for each other is a norm, be truthful and completely open to each other is a norm.

Sometimes there's too much norm, nothing is un-norm in the end.
When you feed a sugar glider for fruits and sweet treats for all its' life, you can't feed him even something unsweetened. It'll taste bitter to that creature.

When norm is occupying, there's shouldn't be anything out of the norm. It'll lead to some dead end.

I have to admit, I'm not good at dealing with people. I'm not the sweet-girl-next-door who everyone will love at the first sight. I always have the wrong order in treating people.
But one thing it's always ME, when you treat me 1% kindness, I'll repay you in 10%; if you give me something unexpected, I will repay you with all my life.

I'm the 'all out' person. I don't know how to play games, the cornering games.

Everything looks so damn familiar. I am a girl, I kinda know, although I'm not as girly.

Be grateful, for what I have. Even though life given me a lemon, no worries, sour taste good too.

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