Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beach, Sea, Sand, Blooming youthood!

Hop on two cars, late afternoon, people in the car, chicken in the ice box, poker cards, Carlsberg.
Here we go, off to Port Dickson!

The last time I went to Port Dickson is because of a bloody assignment shooting.

It was 5 in the morning, we're all not willing to get up from bed but force to.
Not very pleasent journey because we are all under stress, but end up we still do star jump together.
For one moment, I nearly thought it was a great assignment.
But now someone *ahem* keep reminding me how dissatisfy and frustrating he is, I feel ulterlly guilty.


i'msorryokayit'smyfaultishoun'tbesosiaozhaboandirritatingmakeyouallhatemeforrestofthesem. *bow*

Coming back to this same place, with totally different people, mood and relationship, I get excited for going to a trip with these friends who can always make me laugh!

Sepuluh Orang, 2 days 2 nights, sunshine and Sunshine Bay, ants, Poker and Beer...Here we go!

The all time jokers.

Beach!!!! Finally!!!

Com'on, let's pose~
JT: I'm dark shadow, don't you see??

Preparing for BBQ while the day still bright.


Someone is trying to pretend busy...

Let the feast begin!
We makaned very nice roasted lamb, chicken wing, drumstick, jagung, sweet potatoes, and even raw meat!
Picture courtesy of See Yeong


The next day. Not so pretty beach, more like a huge longkang.
See how frust Mr.Dark Shadow is!

Chic No.1.

Chic No.2

The beach,again. This one better, and cleaner.

I purposely put this two picture together one so that I look slimmer. *grin*


'what's that??'

'what what?'

JT:who's this panda?


After wx was thrown into water.

Third day, head back to KL, stop by Seremban, must have Siew Bao.

The same Siew Bao stall 2 years back.

Beef Noodles completed the trip.
Too bad See Yeong cannot take beef.
The nicer one didn't open that day, this is another shop, decor and price are nicer.

Port Dickson's sea water is like salt water mix with trash, oil, and more trash.
My face start itchy after 5 minutes in water.
The smater Kok Keong, Mun Yi and Lydia just stay at the beach, watching us playing in the poluted chemical sea water.
Weixiang wanna stay at the beach initially, but we are too eager to have him in water, so we thrown the gigantic panda into the water~yay!

What a holiday!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Everyone loving it!

Now I'm sitting here, right in front of my computer, and I still have McD's brew coffee in my breathe.
McD is giving out discount coupons since last week, and I had McD for breakfast, 5(FIVE!!!) days in a row.

We're quite exaggerate for having McD breakfast so often, and we can even stay up till 4 in the morning just to wait for the breakfast.
I wonder why they don't sell McMuffin during day time? It's much better than normal bugger bread!

I was once so hate fast food, and now I have McD almost everyday...sigh.
I just simply enjoy reading newspaper and have a sip of nice coffee. I don't afford to go bucks-bintang, McD is good enough for me.

I'm not writing advertorial fyi (I'm not that good to write any actually), just wanna show you something farnie in this McD coupon.


normal t&c printed on the coupon,
'not valid in Genting McD, not exchangeable for cash, 5% gov tax, blah blah blah...'


*Photocopies are ALLOWED*

Normally is photocopies NOT allow, but Uncle Ronald seems a bit desperate to stimulate the sales, and therefore not only photocopy allowed, but also Download allowed.

And crazy people like us, really betul-betul hontouni go and download the coupon, colour printed and cut out nicely wtf...

McD like kinda one of the most unhealthy fast food, but they tend to make it looks very nutritious and balance diet.

Ok, let's take a look how much calories in one set of sausage McMuffin with egg.

Sausage McMuffin with egg-357kcal
Hash Brown- 145kcal
Coffee- 139kcal

This is the total count for ONE cup of coffee...many of you all,like me, won't satisfy with only one cup of coffee,coz it's FREE refill. I'm sure drink more than one cup, com'on la, we pay for it already ok...well, for a set of breakfast, it seems quite ok for the calories.

Let see how much calories in a large set of McValue meal.

Spicy Chicken McDeluxe-643kcal
French Fries-431kcal

A female like my height (around 166cm) , moderate weight need around 1800 calories per day.
Make it 2000kcal, a set of McD like this already took up more than half the calories you need per day! Scary huh...

It's not THAT healthy eating McD you know, and it quite pricey.

Now they are having promotion RM5.95 lunch, for McChicken, Double cheese burger, Chicken McNugget and Fillet-O-Fish.

McD is so licik you know.
Previously before the price hike, McChicken and Fillet-O-Fish is only Rm6 something (don't really remember the exact price), zhong zhi jau much cheaper la. But now they're having promotion and make it sounds like it's really cheap!
Com'on la..that the previous price lo...

but STILL, I 'm one of them who attracted by the price. LOL.

This place always been our all time favourite.
I really mean, ALL time.



Pictures courtesy of z2ww :)

I'm Loving it!

Sunday, February 15, 2009



Suddenly, In the starry night, and the whole night view of KL, I saw rainbow, in the sky.

I never knew on this day, traffic will be so terrible, everywhere will be filled with people, long queue everywhere.
This is over-commercialise.
But still, there are so many people willing to be conned...:)

Although it full of hassle and people everywhere, but still, thanks for giving me all these that seems impossible for me.





Friday, February 13, 2009


My primary school has a great history in Ipoh, it considered one of the oldest school in Ipoh.

I remember the school will flood whenever there's heavy rain. During my time, we still study in the wooden building, where the wood is only cover half of the wall. It's exactly like a kandang u know...!!!
Last time when there's heavy rain, two rows of students have to shift to the seats further to the window, because the rain will blown in from the window.

But still, we having so much fun playing ropes hopping under the huge old tree, hiding treasure on the tree, having assembly under the willow tree, took part in singing and story telling competition under the same willow tree.

The school notice about the school building seriously need to rebuild, and the headmaster by that time worked very very hard to raise money from every possible way to fund raising.

And now, no more kandang classroom, what's replace them are all concrete and bricks building, with a huge dewan and nicely facilitated.

Although I'm being a nerd most of my primary school time, do nothing but study and try to memorise all the essays for dictation, but still I having great time study in Primary school--SRJK(c) Yuk Choy. 育才华小。

The way the school name our class is very cute, we're in the first class of primary 6, they called us 小六一。

Since we graduated from primary school, it has been 10 years from now. The class gathering every CNY had been practice till now, for 10 years. We visited mainly 2 teacher, 1 is our English teacher, Mr.Phan, and our beloved science teacher, Ms. Liew.

I can still recall that I affraid of my science teacher a lot, because she always give a lot of homework, and she's a straight teacher. She will beat us with rottan whenever we did not so good in test. But now, she treat us like children more than students. And we are so glad to have her as teacher.

I can remember clearly how they looked like when they're in primary school.
Most of them are juz simply know all first class student, they'll have the nerd looking.
But now, look at them, they look so different, all are more handsome and prettier. (and taller)

It's not easy to have primary school friend still keep in contact, that's why this kind of anual gathering is extra special.

Ms.Liew--the science teacher aka our mama.

Uncle J the b.boy






Group photos at Mr.Phan's house.

Sunday, February 8, 2009



This is my favourite Chinese new year wishes, simple, direct and meaningful.
My mom don't like us wishing people prosperous and wealthy. She said without health and happiness, you won't be able to enjoy wealth. I think is so so true.


I think Chinese new year is a disaster for every mommy in every family.
From house cleaning work to the cooking for whole families, everything have to complete by the poor women in the family.

Chinese new year is giving everyone a reason to be a pig at home, eat and sleep and eat and sleep everyday. Everyone can just finish eating and walk out of the dining table. They won't care how the dishes on the table will disappear and the fruits or dessert will be served in awhile.


This is how every mommy worked like donkey every chinese new year.


  • house cleaning-no date line, neverending.
  • cny shopping-generate economy, buying sky-high price vegtable, fish and prwans [because of '年年有余' and '嘻哈大笑']
  • Baking and buying biscuits. Lots of them.
  • CNY decoration-no matter how simple you want it to be, mommy will never stop decorating the house.
  • Withdraw money-for ang pow lah!
  • Take out jewelleries from safe box.
  • Prepare what to cook from reunion dinner to chor 4?5?6?......
  • Cleaning again.
  • Prepare accomodation and schedule for overseas relatives.
  • Rush to boutique to buy last minute new year clothes. Too busy with housework.
  • Repeat the steps above. (FOR GRANDMA'S/ MOTHER IN LAW'S HOUSE)

Yes. This is how tiring CNY can be.


Seeing my mom rush here and there, plan this and that. Having sleepless nights because she have so many thing to plans in her mind, yet, she need to bother about office work. I wonder isn't every mother have to do this? Or just my mom over-concern?


Grandpa slaughtering chicken...I love to watch him slaughter chicken since I was a kid.

My mom is the one who have to cook for reunion dinner every year. Normally my drandma will help. But my granny is getting older, and she is so tired doing housework all by herself. (Kampung house is huge you know!)


This year my mom is doing the cooking all by herself. My mom and my aunt even prepare dishes the day before, because there are too many people to feed during cny.


But I think the thing that satisfy my mom most is everyone eating her dishes happily, and with a 'thankiu'. That's why I hate people wasting contains so much of hardwork, shouldn't be wasted. We'll feel very bad when we have to wash the mountain high plates and saw so many left overs.


This chicken worth RM 125+!!Chicken king....

Well, please help your mom during cny if you can ok?

Let our mommy have a happy chinese new year.



Nu Bra for dinner????


It's jelly fish babeh~


Guess what is this?



canon 40D? kids nowadays....





me and aunties...



Fireworks at kampung ROX!



My aunt and I...juz 1 year older than me.