Friday, May 31, 2013

Mice poo

There's a Chinese saying, one tiny little mice poo will ruin a whole pot of rice. True enough!

Despite how much a topic is interesting, you want to repetedly talk about the same damn thing. Repeating for weeks is really too much. Best is the topic isn't developing, it's going no where.

Cannot tahan ddd..


I love all the jewelry pieces in The Great Gatsby.
How pretty!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The easy way out

Who knows, what leads to what happen today is just an easy way out, to unsee all the problems and issue. Just want to run away from problems?

I think somehow, this is really an easy way out, learning from the hard way is bitter, fruitful and bitter. Somehow it just happen, seems like the most natural thing it could happen.

Insecure, of course.
The security has been void long time ago. But slowly, I told myself, this is not all of it. Take it easy. Breath in and out. Hold on to your thoughts.

I'm learning again, U-Turn and learn again.

Used to be so confident and doubtless about what I said. I control that, because that make an annoying bitch.

Try so hard to be lovable, to be a girl, to be the someone people treasures.


The easy thing ain't precious most of the time.
No matter how yummy an apple is, if you place nothing but thousands around a person, he will feel nothing but nausea.

That's the idea. But what can I do ? *laughter*

Roll back to where we were before? No I can't, it's a pattern of life, a habit and a drive.

Keep learning girl, love yourself more, go get yourself the damn bag you want.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The cat is out of the bag, although it's not really a tied bag...

Well, have ups and downs in life, and I really appreciate ups now especially down is nothing but a bitch.

6 months is not a short time, and we learn. From the hard way, from the fearful way, from the hurtful way, but we learn nevertheless.

Shadows, scars and feelings never go away, although i forget things damn fast. If the slight feeling like last time hit, I'll have phobia all over. It's too painful to go through another round.

We'll do baby steps now. I'm impressed, at how we relook into things, how I jump out of that life and look at myself, how I value my own.
And something I learn about myself, I'm just not the average girl I wanted to be. I won't be a princess but always a bitch. Just a soft hearted bitch which is restless.

But I realize I am who I am. If one fine day I become a demanding princessy dumb blond, I'm not me anymore. I just feel happy when I'm in need, when someone need me to fill a spot. I don't know what is right, but I hope this is not too wrong.

For those who spend great amount of time supporting me when I'm in my down time, I appreciate your time and effort in comforting, you mean a lot to me, you contributed my learning curve. Shit might happen in the future, and might cry wolf as well.

I have such a big mouth, mouthful of theory but never manage to apply to myself. I shall practice tighter self regulation.

Friday, May 3, 2013


这是一个自由的国度,大家都有选择权。 可是并不是大家都有良知,有良心。

不管你是支持哪个帮派,投票,是为了下一代。 我们的下一代什么时候变成孟加拉?你还不如去动物园训练猩猩比较划算?


在周遭看到这群可怜,甘愿被主宰一辈子的可怜虫, 我有一些问题给你:

1) 你的爸爸,妈妈,妹妹,姐姐,弟弟,朋友,同学, 同事, 有哪个曾经被打枪,抢劫,路霸欺压,晚上回家担惊受怕, 把包包藏在车座地下? 不要告诉我没有,除非你什么亲人朋友都没有,那么我更可怜你。

2)当你看到你辛苦赚来的钱,不是用来发展国家,不能扶贫积弱,不能废除大道收费,不能自给自足,不能提高生活水平,不能居者有其屋,而是看到某螺丝手上的钻戒比鹌鹑蛋还大,她手上的伯金包比你的车还贵; 不要告诉我你很爽。她没有很美,很难爽的。

3) 想象如果你的下一代和孟加拉人交配,无端端孟加拉人变成第四大种族,那你就去投你神圣的一票。

4) 如果有一天,你的丈夫被带去廉政协助调查,然后死掉了。 孩子还在肚子里还没有来得及见爸爸,结婚也计划好了,最给力的是没有人还你一个公道,就算全世界都知道是他给人dui lam, 可是死死警察/政府/媒体还是告诉你是自杀,无语问苍天,你还有恻隐之心嘛?


Imagine I know people who are totally ignorance about the country's election.
How can someone be so ignorance?

How can the safety of the children and the relatives, the wife not concerning them? Crime? Lynas? Corruption? The next generation's education?

How can this not affecting them?

And another one is telling me bullshit about how problematic to make a change. I don't care who you vote for, but human who don't even bother to exercise their rights? You don't earn my respect as a human.

Unless you surrender your citizenship. I shut up and leave.

I have to admit, I'm not a politics follower, I don't even know who's my area's candidate. But people like me, is like thousands of you out there. You know something is terribly wrong, you know there's a lot of injustice and anger, and there's nothing you can do.

Now you can do a least part as a human, so do it.