Thursday, May 23, 2013

The easy way out

Who knows, what leads to what happen today is just an easy way out, to unsee all the problems and issue. Just want to run away from problems?

I think somehow, this is really an easy way out, learning from the hard way is bitter, fruitful and bitter. Somehow it just happen, seems like the most natural thing it could happen.

Insecure, of course.
The security has been void long time ago. But slowly, I told myself, this is not all of it. Take it easy. Breath in and out. Hold on to your thoughts.

I'm learning again, U-Turn and learn again.

Used to be so confident and doubtless about what I said. I control that, because that make an annoying bitch.

Try so hard to be lovable, to be a girl, to be the someone people treasures.


The easy thing ain't precious most of the time.
No matter how yummy an apple is, if you place nothing but thousands around a person, he will feel nothing but nausea.

That's the idea. But what can I do ? *laughter*

Roll back to where we were before? No I can't, it's a pattern of life, a habit and a drive.

Keep learning girl, love yourself more, go get yourself the damn bag you want.

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