Monday, February 27, 2017

Learn how to be alone again

I talked to a friend last week about being alone. 'Have you ever enjoy alone time?'
'Yes, I do enjoy alone time like this, but I hate to be alone, as in alone alone.'

Loneliness is always my weakest spot since donkey years ago.
I hate to be alone with no purpose, I just hate that empty spot in my life where I have only myself.

I feel stressed recently, could be PMS, could be stress, could be the mundane life that I can't break out of it.
So I opened the pandora box.

And truth hurts.

When I thought we're going to the same direction, but the truth is we're not. We are in opposite direction trying to walk parallel.

I pictured myself to be a mother, to have purpose in life. But it all shattered when it's all just in my head.

I'm traumatized inside. It's all happening again, again and again.

I have no one to talk to, no one I want to talk to.

Please someone teach me to be alone again, please tell me it's ok to be alone.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

New Year Resolutions 2017

I told myself not to do this, but I think I need this. Let's take small steps at a time.

It's my big 3---0 this year, hence I want this year to be productive, fruitful and happy.

1. To care less about bitches and hypocrites
Admit it, life is full of bitches, and I can't avoid it. So let's not avoid it and be selective in caring.
Some people just don't like to see peace and would like the world to burn. I choose not to get involve and work AROUND these bitches.
You want to get into me, in your dream bitch!

2. To be loved

I heard from an aunt today about working her life all along, for kids, for work, for school. But what she wish for when she's old is to have a peace of mind, to worry less and to enjoy more.
I shall do this from now on, so when I have a kid of my own, I will not regret for living less when I can.

3. Smile more

I think generally I looked better when I smile. I want to look prettier. All I need is a bimbo reason.
Learn to smile in front of people who I don't like, this is like another level up.

4. Sing along song
I want to be better at guitar. I stopped at maybe....3-4 songs and I'm still struggling with these songs.
I wanna get betterrrrrrrr and hopefully someday I can just pick up the guitar and be handsome and charming, and play it like a pro.

5. Fitness goal

My fitness goal is not to achieve a certain weight loss or any shape..
I realize I've been working out, eating cleaner for 3 years now, but honestly weight loss is not happening (much). But I feel better about myself. Fat is lesser, muscle gained more. I do look big still generally, but I feel this kind of big is different from last time. Last time everything is soft, greasy and I get tired swimming 2 laps.

I can swim 12-15 laps now without stopping :)

Now I feel good when I work out, when I feast I feel guilt free. I work out to stay active and keep up the stamina. I feel not sorry when I still picking clothes for M or L size because I know I don't look just 'fat'. I look normal.

Work out has changed me quite a bit. I don't like to sweat still but I think I diciplined myself to do that.

 Let's take baby steps and hopefully world can get better :)