Wednesday, July 31, 2013


All pictures credited to

If there's one word to describe the pictures, Perfect it is.
look at the hair piece, vintage gown, so timeless.
Breathtakingly beautiful.

Make up my gloomy Thursday morning.

And NO, I shared this not because I wanted to get married, nothing to do with that.
It's just stunning.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


家,永远是快乐天堂。 今天在fb 看到这则朋友的留言,好合适不过。

看着表弟妹们渐渐长大,和爸爸聊起来,才发现自己到kl 已经7年了。
7 年,不短的日子。
7 年,我又成长多少了,变多少了。
7年, 经历过年少无知,漏夜念书,最后last minute 赶功课,看着朋友谈恋爱,失恋。



People are filled with choices.
As time goes by, your choices will become more.

Imagine last time a cup of Starbucks is out of question, is something so luxury I won't even think about it.
Now, it's something so normal, whenever we need a hang out place we will chose Starbucks.

And not only that, you have Pacific Coffee, Coffee Bean, Dome, San Francisco Coffee and etc.

Now when you widen your scope, there's more choices you have, and more dilemma you might caught in between.

We keep trying, keep exploring. We live life, and realize life is so interesting, there's so many options we never know of. So colorful.

Then we keep pushing our limit to another level, there's always more, more people with better offer, more opportunity and more discovery.

And when we manage to go to another level, it's quite difficult to move backward, good or bad way.

I'm glad we live life, we experienced life, and we should get the best of our live.

Peace people.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Isolophobia- phobia for being alone.

Not that serious no worries, I'm not that serious, YET.

I used to be a very annoying 'friend', according to my 'ex-BFF'.
One day, she decided to do all the thing I hate the most, and slowly fade away from my life. And one simple thing I asked, WHY?

She said I am too clingy, too...afraid to be left out, to be forgotten.

There's one year, I totally shut myself up, completely loner, trying to avoid everybody in my life.
And thankfully for these weird emo teenager experience, I manage understand a lot of feelings. I aim to strike for a balance between all these.

Like it or not, I know I am still afraid to be left out. In a a group, in interpersonal relationship.
I like how people treasure me, how people value me. It's insecure when I know I'm not in your list.

Really thanks to my weird emo teenage time, I have kinda complicated  emotions up and down everyday. This makes me who I am today.

Grateful for people I met, people who love me, who loved me.

Imma just want to enjoy home as much as I can. Home, the only place I can call home.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


I need to dedicate this last picture I have for my phone backed up to my pc. Lovely breakfast by SP, an incredible lovable leader.

Yes, I'm a fool.
How many times one can repeat the same luck/ foolish?
I lost my phone today, precisely, STOLEN.

Very impromptu I went for shopping, alone.
End up I shop for less than 2 hours, looking for the damn phone for another 3-4 hours.

I checked my last SMS for work, then keep it in my bag. Zip half zip because the zip is kinda malfunction. And when I realize about it, it's gone.

I regretted for everything.
Shouldn't have went out alone.
Shouldn't have put my phone in my bag, should put in my pocket.
I just shouldn't shop alone today.

Can't cry over the spilled milk.
Now I'm 2.2k broke, and I need the phone as much as breathing air.

Weisin...when can the bad luck stop haunting you, from time to time?
I need to go temple maybe, to 'twist my luck'.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Some alone time

I missed you Liverpool. I spent the best time of my life (yet), best 3 months there.
The morning breeze, home made lunch, 45 minutes walk to class and 1 pound strawberries. Everything is so peaceful and surreal.

Came home early today, finished my dinner alone in my usual shop. And miserably, I don't know what to do!

So pathetic. LOL.
I open up my laptop, and start to WORK.
This might be the most natural things to do for my fellow colleagues. Suck it up.

Woke up with extremely painful spine and abdoment.
After effect of Yoga, of perhaps expired matteress.

Went to work with tons of things lingering my mind.

A chest full of god knows what is going to explode!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Had this overwhelmed feeling since I'm back.
My chest is filled and always feel like going to explode.

However, good things will happen I believe.

Feeling restless and tired, aging?


Define, being ambitious?

I was asked about this, what I want to do.

I achieve one of my biggest dream, to own a house by 25. I did it.
Another dream coming up, to go Japan, happening on November.

Only starting own business is consider ambitious?

I like easy way out.
If I were to start business, I rather invest in business.

Which I already started, investing.

Guess I need to do something big to be someone big.

Friday, July 12, 2013

THE value

Hi People.

Random thoughts recently.

Feeling grateful for people who helped me, who loved me and guided me all along.
Looking back the times when I 'accidentally' gothic and emo and black faced, I feel happier now.
Smiling to people I like is bliss. Not being able to smile at the people I dislike is something I have to learn.

Learning how to deal with tough people the hard way, is good. Is eye opening and is the fastest way to learn. For some pervert reason, I like the feeling when I know how to deal with tough people.

It's like when I was damn young and need to act old, and bluff to uncles who have tons of experience. When they impressed, I feel damn old/ good. Just because I manage to bluff them :p


How much one willing to do for others, is my measurement in any kind of relationship.
Many people asked me how come I have such a high endurance? What make me keep going on?
It's merely how much time and lessons I was given, and the value is worthwhile.

Give me 10% and I'll give you 110%.


Great night hang out with the colleagues..colleagues!
Manage to spend more times with the girls, which is something I always want to do.
I realize I click with most of the guys better, but I do want to spend time with the girls and do some girls thing. And we did it! Thanks to the cutest girl I know, Chu the cutest!

Feeling great after meeting people, catching up with them, and get close to them.
It's the only way I can feel like I'm part of the family. Or maybe I'm the only one who can feel that way :p

Be positive, be charged, be grateful.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beat me

If you can't beat the traffic, after stuck in the traffic for 2 hours and you still come later than usual, few options:

1) stay in the office
2) stay nearby the office, you will need to be a director grade to get a house
3) change any job to near your house