Friday, July 26, 2013


Isolophobia- phobia for being alone.

Not that serious no worries, I'm not that serious, YET.

I used to be a very annoying 'friend', according to my 'ex-BFF'.
One day, she decided to do all the thing I hate the most, and slowly fade away from my life. And one simple thing I asked, WHY?

She said I am too clingy, too...afraid to be left out, to be forgotten.

There's one year, I totally shut myself up, completely loner, trying to avoid everybody in my life.
And thankfully for these weird emo teenager experience, I manage understand a lot of feelings. I aim to strike for a balance between all these.

Like it or not, I know I am still afraid to be left out. In a a group, in interpersonal relationship.
I like how people treasure me, how people value me. It's insecure when I know I'm not in your list.

Really thanks to my weird emo teenage time, I have kinda complicated  emotions up and down everyday. This makes me who I am today.

Grateful for people I met, people who love me, who loved me.

Imma just want to enjoy home as much as I can. Home, the only place I can call home.

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