Sunday, September 30, 2012



I used to have so much faith and trust one you, because I was treated like queen of your world.
I still do, that's why when the faith and trust shaken, my world colapse.
Tried so hard to pull everything back together, felt so pity for myself.
But I know that I have to fight, the last fight. With no regrets.

We had pocket full of love, is there any quota for this?

I don't know what I'm fighting for, but right now I'm not gonna give up.

I need to gain back my confidence and march like a soldier.

Good bye September, welcome October.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Wish

To ladies:

1) Your self value come from inside, no one can create for you, and no one can put a price on you.

2) Do not lower down yourself. You worth more than what he/ they thinks.

3) Improve yourself with what you like . You look best when you're doing what you love.

4) Shine from the inside. Always have good attitude, smile! Not to afraid doing extra, you never know what's in return.

5) Pamper yourself once in a while. You did so much for others, well done girl. It's time for your reward.

6) Don't endure the pain. If the scarifies is one sided, then live for yourself.

7) Dress pretty. Not for others, it's for you to feel good about yourself.

8) What's wrong with sexy lingerie? Feel confident from inside out :P

9) Be independent at times, you're strong enough to take care of yourself.

10) Be dependent at times, you worth people taking care of you.

11) Be FIERCE. With taste.

weisin 2012.

To the ladies out there who think like me. And for self practice.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


女人流着眼泪, 思虑在更遥远的未来。
男人问, 哪里不舒服?
女人说, 心里。

女人不轻易掉泪, 掉的是信心和爱情。
男人不轻易低头, 低下了就抬不起来。

还有多少个日子, 多远的未来?
心要什么时候才磨累? 还是早都累了, 只是 大家在伪装?

能共枕到老的, 该尽了多大的努力和度量?


死灰甚难复燃, 死灰复燃了也只是璀璨一时。 不消片刻就是灰烬了。
准备好, 要珍惜对方了吗?

男人。 女人。 共勉之。

Monday, September 3, 2012

Being myself

Kinda ran out of title, although I don't blog frequent :p

Imma Singaporu desu! After all day long of presentation, food munching and fighting with sleepiness, finally had my hot shower and sitting here, trying to avoid work.

This is my X trip to SG, I still like here.
Probably each time I had short trip, which makes me still like here quite a lot.

Met up with Yee Yee yesterday with her 80% look-alike hubby.
Talked so much about people who are getting married this year, kinda scary to me.

Never in my childhood, till now I'm thinking about getting married, at least not that early.
This is what I always said to my friends: ' Girls vs Guys are unfair. Girls have shorter 'unmarried' grace period than men, WHY?'

We fought so hard for our life, for academy, career. Soon after that family, marriage and children have to come in place. And there goes your children's academy, studies, well being....the list goes on.

Women, you are a fighter!

I'm not anti marriage, I love kids! But I just don't think I'm achieving anything YET. And I have no confident I can have all the time in the world to fight for career, after you have something call family in your life.

you know what I mean?

The transition from just graduate, to just started career, until now...marriage. A bit too soon for me, again, scary.

Well, this trip has been very fruitful to me till now. Everytime I come to office I felt inspirational, make me persist in my work even more.

More challenge ahead. 5 PROPOSALS pending. Seems like wednesday when I go back to office, it's gonna be disaster.

Awesome view from my hotel when I first check in. Bikini mo aru yo!

 The must-drink!

SiTF (sounds like STFU to me) award medal! Yay to iSnap team!