Monday, September 3, 2012

Being myself

Kinda ran out of title, although I don't blog frequent :p

Imma Singaporu desu! After all day long of presentation, food munching and fighting with sleepiness, finally had my hot shower and sitting here, trying to avoid work.

This is my X trip to SG, I still like here.
Probably each time I had short trip, which makes me still like here quite a lot.

Met up with Yee Yee yesterday with her 80% look-alike hubby.
Talked so much about people who are getting married this year, kinda scary to me.

Never in my childhood, till now I'm thinking about getting married, at least not that early.
This is what I always said to my friends: ' Girls vs Guys are unfair. Girls have shorter 'unmarried' grace period than men, WHY?'

We fought so hard for our life, for academy, career. Soon after that family, marriage and children have to come in place. And there goes your children's academy, studies, well being....the list goes on.

Women, you are a fighter!

I'm not anti marriage, I love kids! But I just don't think I'm achieving anything YET. And I have no confident I can have all the time in the world to fight for career, after you have something call family in your life.

you know what I mean?

The transition from just graduate, to just started career, until now...marriage. A bit too soon for me, again, scary.

Well, this trip has been very fruitful to me till now. Everytime I come to office I felt inspirational, make me persist in my work even more.

More challenge ahead. 5 PROPOSALS pending. Seems like wednesday when I go back to office, it's gonna be disaster.

Awesome view from my hotel when I first check in. Bikini mo aru yo!

 The must-drink!

SiTF (sounds like STFU to me) award medal! Yay to iSnap team!

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