Sunday, September 27, 2009

Student no more.

I've been back to Ipoh for 4 days, yesterday night only I unpack everything in my luggage, and cause a huge mess to me room.

The reason I don't want to unpack is I really don't know where to put those things!

I know I'll be back to KL, many things I need to bring back KL, then why should I unpack?

Secondly, I don't know where to keep for my notes, my exam paper, my pencil case, my stationary...because I don't need them no more!

Finally, I not a student anymore, after being one for 15 years...or more.

Another thing I realise after I back to Ipoh...I definitely miss my room in Atlantic Point, Naylor Street, L3 6LS, Liverpool, England =.=

I realise how big my room is, how comfy my blanket was, and how nice the weather in Liverpool.

I literally sweat everyday, from the moment I wake up...

I need to do housework I know..but the weather just drive me crazy, I just want to lie down on the marble floor, and melts.

I can't find a place for all my stuff....and I started to miss my room's cupboard.

I am lucky enough to get a bigger room, which means I have more cupboard and more space.

Back in Ipoh I realise my room is still filled with my secondary school stuff, my diploma stuff..not enough space to store my thick jacket, scarf and jumper that I can hardly wear in Malaysia.

I miss my friends.


I met few of them few days back.

They've changed.

Well, I understand the change, just that I not ready to accept.

We had great time together before, siple happiness.

The place that I had very happy moment before is not like the way it should be.

It turned cold, do the people.
These are unavoidable isn't it!

I miss Liverpool, now I realise assignment stress is not that big deal anymore..stress finding job, paying bils, earning bread for home is even stresser.

Right now I just want to enjoy my time as a jobless, and persue my career.
Good bye ols days.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

14 hours flight, 7 hours transit, 1 day above 5000 feets.

Again, killing time in Abu Dhabi air port, makaned super expensive dinner/breakfast, trying times and times to connect the stupid wireless connection.
Feeling closer to home already, seeing Malay and Indian here, different people from Europe.
Ah...I'm close to home.
Everything happened in UK is beautful, including the last backpack experience.
It's frust, tiring, but very exciting and we are happy :)
We walk most of the time, exploring the tube in London, trying to inhale as much fresh air as we can in Edinburgh, sitting at the Starbucks watching people...all these has been a great experience.
Everything happened in EU is very unrealistic now, the moment I board on the plane I can clearly remember the day I depart to UK from KLIA, time flies.

I saw friends leaving me msg in facebook...everyone is experiencing this, UK seems like a long beautiful dream we had, and now is time to wake up.

In 10 hours time I'll be in my homeland, another 3 hours bus ride to my hometown.
Here I come! My home.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In Edinburgh

A quick post from Scotland, Edinburgh.
We are here, killing time in Starbucks near our hostel. in around 24 hours time we will be in our motherland, 35 C with nasi lemak and bak kut teh.

I miss Malaysia indeed, but I will miss here too.
Been in a tired trip to Europe, tiring but fun, get to see foreign countries, try their local food...
But after all, I enjoy UK more than europe.
Edinburgh is the best place so far in the trip.
The skies are blue, it's windy but with many warm smilling faces.

Europe is nice, but not too nice without much euroes in pockets.
The journey is rushing, but it's open opening.
It'll certianly be the unforgettable experience in my life.

Gonna back to reality soon, this 4 months has been like a dream for me.
I can still remember clearly how excited we were in the airport boarding the plane, and now, I'm going back to the country I belong, to the home where the person who love me most waiting for me to come home.

I miss home, miss my friends, miss my dearly families...
But I'll miss UK, the place where I spend the most incredible 3 months time.
Bye UK, Bye Scotland...Hello Nasi Lemak!

Friday, September 4, 2009

A new journey

Here I am, spending the last few hours in Liverpool, probably the last time of my life in Liverpool.
Since young Europe country had been a dream for me, it's unreachable, it's magical.
Liverpool is truly a nice city, giving us magical experience and memories.
I sincerely thank my parents who willing to give me this chance from the bottom of my heart.
I feel bad because I travel to Europe countires before they do, but I know is because they love me :)
This probably gonna be a my best summer ever. The weather is awesome, the place is magnificent, the people is nice, my room is huge!
I got a bigger room than the one in Malaysia omg..
I'm going to start my journey to Europe tonight, and HOPEFULLY I'll have a great experience.
My status now is 'jobless', not 'student' anyone who like to hire me pls let me know, I'm good !

Friends are aparting, from now on we're independent adult, we need to be responsible to ourself.
Transforming to this stage is so unreal to me, the moment I still stress because of homework and future, the next moment I'm not entitle to be a student anymore.
A whole lot more future waiting for us, and it's gonna be a tough one.
Seeing friend who getting their career in their early 20s, getting success in life is so unbelivable.
I still aimless in life, but certainly going to pay back my parents.

Good bye...I say to Liverpool, LJMU, my student life, my lovely lecturers, my memories here.
Hello...I say to my future, challenges, my family and Malaysia.