Sunday, September 27, 2009

Student no more.

I've been back to Ipoh for 4 days, yesterday night only I unpack everything in my luggage, and cause a huge mess to me room.

The reason I don't want to unpack is I really don't know where to put those things!

I know I'll be back to KL, many things I need to bring back KL, then why should I unpack?

Secondly, I don't know where to keep for my notes, my exam paper, my pencil case, my stationary...because I don't need them no more!

Finally, I not a student anymore, after being one for 15 years...or more.

Another thing I realise after I back to Ipoh...I definitely miss my room in Atlantic Point, Naylor Street, L3 6LS, Liverpool, England =.=

I realise how big my room is, how comfy my blanket was, and how nice the weather in Liverpool.

I literally sweat everyday, from the moment I wake up...

I need to do housework I know..but the weather just drive me crazy, I just want to lie down on the marble floor, and melts.

I can't find a place for all my stuff....and I started to miss my room's cupboard.

I am lucky enough to get a bigger room, which means I have more cupboard and more space.

Back in Ipoh I realise my room is still filled with my secondary school stuff, my diploma stuff..not enough space to store my thick jacket, scarf and jumper that I can hardly wear in Malaysia.

I miss my friends.


I met few of them few days back.

They've changed.

Well, I understand the change, just that I not ready to accept.

We had great time together before, siple happiness.

The place that I had very happy moment before is not like the way it should be.

It turned cold, do the people.
These are unavoidable isn't it!

I miss Liverpool, now I realise assignment stress is not that big deal anymore..stress finding job, paying bils, earning bread for home is even stresser.

Right now I just want to enjoy my time as a jobless, and persue my career.
Good bye ols days.

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Tammy-C-My said...

Yea people change..sigh that I know...
mayb next year, we all wont be the same anymore. lol
but hope we will never change. ;P