Sunday, September 5, 2010

For the future me.

Dear YewRaisin,

This post is dedicated to the future me, remind me of what kind of person I am now, and hopefully I'll be a better one in 5 10 years time.

I hate to let my hair down now. I love to cut it short but I can't, I can't fight the heat and my lousy hair style. Whenever I don't need to look tidy I'll tie my hair up. I wish I can have a super cool hair cut in the future.

I'm staying in Prima Setapak, a very small room in a big pent house. Zero interaction with housemate, probably changing housemate too often, we are all ignorance. My room is always in big mess. Looking at the room I have only 1 thing in my mind-- I must get myself a house to move my ass out of here. A room is not a home. A house is. My house is.

I'm driving a kancil, small but loyal vehicle. I can't express much my gratiude towards my parents for letting me to have kancil san here. I hope I still driving you after many years, my priority is a house, so I still depends on you.

My favorite restaurant is oh so heavenly good Sushi Zanmai. A must at least once a week. I m not willing to spend on food last time, especially not on expensive sushi. But I do now, and quite often shamelessly. I hope you can cut down on that future me.

It's been almost 2 years in my relationship. Still trying to make things better, know each other more, trying claim some credit sometimes. Our usual outing is movie and makan. I don't want to hear one single hurtful word no more. Relationship is sometimes painful, and loved.

My favorite music is still jpop, faorie drama is still japanese drama, dream land is still Japan. I'm a hopeless Japan whore. I hope you are able to fulfll my dream by then, future. Oh, and I hope people around me able to share with me my love, my passion and my deep interest.

My current occupation is digitl media specialist. There's a ladder I need to climb I know. My house is waiting for me. So how high have you reached my future me?

My parents are in perfectly healthy condition, except they are aging, and started to face some health problem. But no worries, mommy said papa wants to travel to China twice a year, backpacking to step his foot on all the states in China. He said he wants to backpack to Japan (without me). Kamisama, please let them be healthy as always, as now.

I don't like animal last time. But I started to treasure the wonder of animals. Although I still not able to be a good pet keeper, but I started to like pet, love chow chow and Husky. What pet do you have now future?

I always try to save more rather than earn more.I'm saving because I wish to earn more using the money. I hope can at least contribute 10% more tha my salary by doing 'earn more' mission. A successful person is not thinking to save, but to earn more.

EQ...Not too high now, at least not my ideal level. I wish to become someone who can dissolve a problem without making anyone angry, settle everyhing with brain. To do that, IQ come in place.

Hello future me. Are you a better person now?
Fight for a better future, be a better person.

Raisin 2010.