Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Air Asia's fault!

A & B is going to Bali
C & D is going to Phuket
E & F is going to Perth
G & H is booking for Krabi

Me feeling crappy.

LOL (pun intended)

Well, Tony Fernandas new trick,causing the huge jam in AirAsia home page. I guess maybe because of person like me, who have no planning on travel, just to check out the price.

I so wanna to travel! To HK, Taiwan, Aussie, UK!!!! The ticket is cheap cheap cheap.
Perhaps I should consider to change my phone first?
My phone is giving me big time recently, it started to load slower than my grandma walking.


This is a very wu liao post, just to vent thing out of my mind.
I can't stop refreshing the red color page with bees buzzing.
I just wanna go! Even if just East Malaysia!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My bf turn his blog into football blog

As title, he turned his blog into football blog, precisely, Liverpool FC blog.
I guess the 10 years of passion is unbeatable.

I asked him, why you never write about me?

I guess coz he dun wanna walk alone with me, he want to walk with LFC.