Thursday, November 21, 2013

Japan oh Japan!

Japan is such an amazing country, it's magical, I told to many.
Since young I've been so in love with Japan culture. It started from a boring afternoon, when I finish watching tv2 Japanese drama, the MTV from W-inds. started all.

And that was 2002. 11 years since then.

Dreams come true
I used to dreamed about going to Japan on 2010 in my primary school time (way before I get crazy about W-inds.). Naively calculating how much I can earn after I start working, and save half of the money to go Japan.

All the ups and downs, after Fukushima nuclear incident, Japan is still standing strong. Finally, my dream come true on 30 Oct 2013.

Just some quick random feelings I have to this trip, and how I feel amazed by their spirit.

1. Japanese are patriotic Nation, they will speak to you in Japanese first even through you are obviously no clue on what they are saying.

2. No ugly Betty, like seriously. Everyone I see on the everywhere is well groomed, they might not be good looking, but they are well dressed, patiently put up layers of clothes, scarfs, high knee stocking and boots, blow and set the hair as exactly the way they seen on the magazine.

3. No Skin. Not sure whether it's autumn now, I see no skin at all, literally! Just the hand, I mean palm and the face, the rest of the body are all COVERED! Whether or not in black stocking or pantyhose, they are all covered.

4. Cheap store. Although their standard of living is so freaking high, I felt that they are still very considerate about middle class people. A very good example, Daiso. Everything is 100yen, affordable in good quality.

Yummy Matsuya Gyudon with Miso eggplant, 480yen.

Tsukimi soba 600 yen.

Famous Ichiran Ramen, 780 yen.

Super yummy Coco Ichibanya curry rice, around 680 yen I think @__@

5. Cheap food. As above, they have very expensive-can-cry food, but they have very cheap and affordable food, such as Yoshinoya and Matsuya. 280 yen for a bowl of delicious stew beef rice, come with complimentary ocha and cold water. What can you ask for?

6.Like Mr Boon said, Japanese language is like songs to ear to listen to. Of course, provided if you like the language. It's gentle, polite and anime-like.

7. Don't doubt this, you will start to bow sooner or later!

8. They don't look 'down' at cheapskate *yes, me*. In most of the chinese (or rather Asian countries), freebies always associate with cheapskate. But although as much as we used up all the free vouchers, and take free toiletries, it's 'normal' to them and they respect us as their up-most customer.

9. Japanese is the most innovative+ intuitive people. Simple example: their toilet. Maybe not all, but most of their toilets are intuitive. Once you enter, clear label there's Japanese toilet (squat toilet) and Western toilet (sitting style). Once you sit down on your warm-welcoming toilet bowl, flush sound start playing. Wonder why? Because it's detect by sensor. While you are doing your business, no sound can be heard because it's covered by the fake flush sound. After you done, worry not. Just a few buttons your will feel water spray on your you-know-where plus blow dry. Stand up and flush will perform automatically. Your hand reach out to the basin and water come automatically.

Nation of intuitive UI and UX. You win.

Oh, and the toilet usually smell quite nice.

TBC, too busy with work.