Friday, October 21, 2011


Curi gambar ya!

I'm not like princess-sy kind of person, who dressed like a princess, act like one, favorite color is pink, and even boyfriend called them Princess.
But, I really like to read wedding blogs like Green Wedding Shoes.

Ang moh kind of wedding pictures are always warm, filled with happiness and blessing, everyone are having fun, and the couple of the day looks HAPPY.

None of the wedding I attended close to what I always read in the blog, but recently I attended one, which is far better than what I saw in the pictures. Congratulations Szetoo Weiwen and George!

They are the sweetest couple I know, and marriage seems to be very natural for them, something that they meant to do together.

I can't describe things better than the bride herself, Szetoo have described nicely in her own blog. Congratulations again!

Do note the video at the end of the post. Bestest wedding video ever! Oh and they showed an interview in the wedding banquet as well. I almost teared when I watched that. Szetoo and I are not like normal girl-friends. We don't talk to each other much, but she understand me well. When we used to team up in college, she always have the same view as I do. I am sucks at descriptions but her thoughts always filled in my blanks. Such a special friend I have.

I still remember the day she walked towards me and said she's getting married! That was a sunny afternoon in her room in Atlantic Point. Time flies and the memories stay :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recent addiction

Love both their voice <3


It's been a while (a long while) since I abandon my own blog. I even need to think for a second for my own blog URL. Sad.

Alright, quite update of my current live.

1) Safely, 3rd month of my new job is coming. I can sti
ll remember how hard the feeling is to step out of my comfort zone, lovely colleagues and come to a whole new environment.
It's hard not to think about my previous job when you have no colleague to face, only boss. I think I'm doing quite well to lunch alone now, way to go girl!


2) Moving towards Apple. For job reason, I have changed my PC to mac, and Nokia to Iphone. Most of the times I will get 'Whoo Whoa' from people. However this is not the 'package' which I agreed to. Apparently my bosses are hardcore Steve Job fans, and they believe in to work and present better your work to the world, you must first have the best equipment. Not only device, intelligence as well.

3) Car accident, again (I know).
This time round is not my fault AT ALL. Apparently the one who hit me, was JT. Weirdest accident ever huh...He was hit by the car behind, and his car hit mine, which is right in front of his. So end of story, I gotten my car a spanking new butt, JT gotten his car a new forehead and buttock.

4) RM 200000 loan.
With lots of help from my much love papa and mama, I finally achieved my first dream before 25 years old. Do you call this, LOA (law of attractions), or determination?
Whichever it is, I gonna cut down on all my expenses. 200k loan is no joke. Finger cross, I will be fine.

5) Balllllllli!
Went to Bali for a week escape. Away from emails (partially), traffic (unlikely) and Internet (sadly), we are recharged and had so much fun! The beaches are stunning, the sea breeze lingering, you can literally feel the stickiness on your skin, probably the sea salt. But it feels so good. I can't forget the 15 minutes of leisure I have in Ubud, a decent coffee house with a fine cup of flat white. The 15 minutes we have is a bliss. It's best describe as 'life' at that moment.

Other than that, travel is not complete with good food. The suckling pork ribs and a bowl full of beef ball soup (Bakso) still 'haunting' me. Can't get enough of these.

6) Share price big sale
Not a good news for me, can't escape from the Bursa riot, and hence lesser money to do renovation and furnishing. Time will do the curing I know, nothing else I can do except waiting.

People around me are having drastic change. They are getting aggressive, motivated and moving forward. I started to feel the stress of leaving behind. Time to get some sparks after vacation. Like one of my Star colleague always says, 'think Weisin, think!'

The more we expose to the world, the more desire I have in my inner self. It's like before you expose to Sushi Zanmai, you will be satisfied with Sushi King's crappy sushi. Once you have the best, you will not go back. It's the same in life.

I see more things, meet more people, know more successful entrepreneur, the more I generate desire. Better life, better future, better path way. Sometimes desire needs money, it's like buying a pair of Marks & Spencer's shoes, who wanna go to Vincci to buy a pair of overpriced flats!

Money is the key, to drive all these desire to reality. I know I will have what I wanted, no fear to grow my wish list, just work harder to grow my fortune.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hardest decision, ever!

I have finally made a hardest decision ever.

Seeing the disappointment in my colleagues and boss's eyes, is painful.
I'm a person who hardly say no to anyone, even though I say no, will be a very indirect no. This time I need to place a cold hard fact in front of myself, and saying, 'No thanks for all the opportunities. No thanks for looking up to me. No thanks for the monetary compensation.'

Man, this is hard!

However, I still love this company to the bit, I love the culture here, the people here. I definitely see the colabo coming in the future.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm gonna do this for once

I'm gonna do something really Bimbo and stupid to make a record for my life, for this period of time, when I'm heading 24 years old, I still doing something like this.

I always fancy about voice, I love to listen to deep, powerful, convincing voice.
I always fond of fingers too, long slim, clean cut and fair fingers.
I like looking at beautiful eyes, not the sissy kind, is eyes like deep blue sea; like how Suzzie Salmon describe her mother in Lovely Bones. Deep eyes, where you can see endless emotion in a pair of eyes. (And sometimes maybe with the help of eyeliner and smokey eyes).

Found the ideal look I want in guy. Just the look, and the eyes, and the lashes, and the eyes again, and the voice. OK I'm done.

Alrite, laugh as loud as you want!

My new fancy, TOP from Big Bang.

Funny name, funny korean thick make up boy band, but wait until you see him rapping.
I have no immune system towards rappers, especially cute good looking rapper with deep dimple.

OK, come laugh again.

I'm starting to do something really childish and weird, but it spice up my life.
It's like how I admire W-inds last time, early in the morning the daily dose is to watch their videos. Daily supplement is the music, and the rest of the day will be exceptionally good, good mood, good traffic, good smile~

Maybe in few weeks time I will not fancy him anymore, this post will serve as a prove for myself for childish act, for going back to 18 again.

Hello 18!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Resolutions

1) To be a lovable girl. Do like how others do, how people can black faced but still lovable, and VERY lovable.

2) To be better driver, NOT to bang my car EVER again.

3) Buy myself something I really want, such as Camera, Curler, Starbucks mug, a pair of nais oxford, a really really nais purse, an expensive jeans, Iphone, something you know what I mean? I can't even decide this myself?

4) Be proactive on work! Act before people, act fast, act smart!

5) Do more listening than talking.

6) Finish reading Stephen Covey's book. And apply.

7) Do something in my career which I can proudly say out loud. Something!

8) Send my parents money.

9) Start TRADING. I mean seriously, start.

10) Find treatment, solution, medicine for him.

11) Stand out before my boss. I'm still nobody in front of the boss. I need to grow, from a small potato.

12) Save another 15k for house.

13) Be grateful for life. Stop looking at others' pretty hair, pretty dress, shoes and bag.

14) Find my mentor for dinner, at least once.

15) Appreciate friendship, learn how to ask from people. Take more than give.

Ultimately, to be happy.