Sunday, July 18, 2010

May you rest in peace.

I received a horrible call this morning, after I reach the office.
My aunty passed away yesterday, heart attack.
This decease took two of my relatives' life away.
Someone told me life is fragile, I perhaps.

Right now, sitting in the office, I am in denial.
I can't believe she just gone. Like that.
She still so fresh in my memory, as if she's still alive, in fact in my mind she still her, needless to say alive.
She always been very good to me, coz she always wanted a daughter, but she have 3 sons.
She even gave me an ang pow before I went to UK, I'm so regret now I didn't seen her much after that.
How could I not visiting her!

She's faced some mental health problem before that, and I knew it, I knew she getting worst, getting better after that, seems fine after receiving the first grandchild. But I just never pay back my care to her like she used to care for me!

I guess nothing can change anything now, nothing can bring her back.

Rest in Peace aunty, you'll always in our memory.

Love, weiwei.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My picture speaks for itself.

Isn't this lovely =)

Congrats to the Spanish!
I wish I can just stand somewhere at the corner sharing the joy of bringing back the world cup.

Malaysia? nahhh...