Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I love my job

Due to my work scope, website seeking is part of my work, and it definitely open up my eyes to many good websites.

Although I need to entertain many low quality sites (like mine), and I need to dig back my Malay from my memory bank to reply mail, but I realize how big actually this community are in Malaysia. Many of them, treat their website/ blog as their main income. For some might work, but that's the minority of them.

Yesterday I encountered a few very good blog I can't keep to myself and must share to you all.

Edmond Yeo's blog

This blogger very much relate to us, because he's a young film maker, and he made few short films which won him several awards. He's not based in Japan, and his short film very much adapt to Japanese movie style.
He's fortunate enough to study master in Japan, shoot several short films, went for a few film fest, but I know there's hard blood and tears behind his success. So proud of him as a Malaysian.

He shares some of his opinion as a film student. Funny enough, he is a typical chinese, who don't really encourage people to be in this production line. Probably he taste the bitterness himself, and he knows how important it is to be realistic, recognize the hardship.

He is dealing with the hardship, chasing his dream.
Totally salute this dude, and I hope he'll become another Yasmin Ahmad here.


This is a Chinese base music/ fashion blog which I really like (Sorree to all the non-chinese readers >..<). The music genre he shares are top in quality, and he listens to Wide range of MUSICS.
The reviews of the songs I agree most of them, and he is very up to date in music and fashion.
Wonder how this guy look like...hmm..
Strongly recommended! <3

I really hope that chinese website community will open up more to advertisement. They are too protective and which explains they have good content and quality on web layout (no zap ba lang pornographic advert! )

Thursday, April 8, 2010


'Comparison is easily done when you have a taste of perfection', Katy Perry told me.

I said, 'Comparison is easily done, when you have no perfection.'

Katy said 'If we ever meet again...'

I guess people nowadays have chance to open up, to see more things, to enjoy luxury, to experience more, to desire more.
Therefore causing people always craves for more.
More money, more entertainment, more happiness, more friends, more exposure, everything wants more, except hardship.

People are greedy, I admit.
We never stop looking for more, wanting more, expecting more.

Once I thought I had the best, once I thought I regreted.
I heard stories from everyone, I make my own stories.
Comparison is so easily done, when you have to listen to all sorts of stories.

I guess people are more easily to satisfy when they don't get more, when they get merely enough.

The thing is, not the worst, but it's bad compare to others; It's not the best, but not good enough. Paradoxy.

Less is more? More is less?

What is norms? What is things 'suppose to be? suppose to do?'
How do I look when I 'suppose to be like every other girls?'
How would I be when I 'am everybody?'
What would you do, when I am the 'everybody girl'?
Will you be the same?

I hope things will get better. There's no staying at the starting point, it's either moving forward, or you find yourself at the junk, being like one.

Perhaps I just want an ordinary one. Plus an extra.