Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ending and Beginning

Here u go! pictures.




in Abu Dhabi...face look chaner and chaner



First scenery i saw from Manchester...this is awesome!

our rooms!

We're Malaysian yow!!

First meal...


the sun is HUGE...


blek ><




outside my window when it's 10.30pm. At night.


I'm here, 3rd morning in my huge room!!!
Although I'm lazy to do anything now, but i think i should be responsible to my blog.
So here am I LIVERPOOL!!!!
UK is really a kindom of soccer...everyone here can start a conversation with football.
People here are nice, some don't like Asians...some are friendly.
We don't care! We'll just keep jalan and rayau along Liverpool untill we get use to it.
weather here is nice, but the sun is so hot!!!
the sun rise at 4am, dark at 10.30pm...long long day.
Luckily my jetlag is not very serious, probbly because of lifestyle i used to have, sleep late, wake up even later...

Still don't really have the feel where I actually leave home.
Everything here cost us a bomb after convert, if don't convert this is a perfect coutry to live.
Still dunno how to differentiate the coins here, they don't put numbers on their coin, just a tiny little alphebet there. =.=

still lacking of some neccessary items..i guess will get those by today.
Still have no idea where's the market is, no idea where's china town is..but so far is ok, we manage to walk and find most of the places ourself...
I can't imagine I come without these friends...There's no way I can find my way back.
Some ups and downs these days, hopefully I'll have a happeeee journey in the rest of my staying here.
I miss sambal a lot...
I should bring more food here damn.

Picture will be updated on next post, stay tune!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last day in Malaysia before flying, though it's not a long trip, but still, I'll be missing everyone here for 3 months+.

I gonna miss sambal and chilli sauce so much, and my mom's home cook food, all my little cousins...dunno whether they still can recognise me after I come back.

The day before leaving I should plan to eat spicy food like crazy, but I end up sit at home finish up whatever left over in the fridge =.=

3 months, don't know what to expect, but surely an unforgettable experience.
Tons of assignments, lots of friends, and Europe trip!

Gonna face my luggage again, wonder how can I pack more than 30 kg of clothes =___=
I hate packing!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm filled with love and care from my families.
I'm filled with blessing from friends, especially baobeis.
I'm filled with excitement and misery.
In less than 48 hours i'll be on the plane to UK, with college mates that I treasure a lot.
So thankful to have people who concern about me.
I'm blessed :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pre Flying

7 days before flying to UK.
I week to eat spicy food, lepak at mamak, suffer from the heat wave, stay in my lousy rental room, eat bak kut teh one more time, see some friends, eat more, and eat more.
Didn't know time flies, here we are, one more week to fly.
Congrates to those who pass the exam and flying with us :)

There LIST and LIST of things we need to do and shop for.
Suddenly everything need to be rush...

Haven't buy this yet...
aikz, xx need to buy or not? (as if UK dun have everything malaysia has)
Can bring in belacan ar?
How many/much clothes need to bring..
How many pairs of shoes.
No idea what to pack at all at this moment...
What food to buy over leh?
Need to bring mask? I mean mask, face mask, not facial mask...
Need to bring bolster? bed sheet? curtain? cloth? a shoe rak??
How to avoid over weight ...i mean, luggage!


Very FARN lo can die!!!


Tons of things need to think.

Luggage, Air ticket, bankdraft, money, which friend to meet, what to pack, what to buy...
Although I can't feel the excitement yet, but still have to accept the fact that we are going there 3 months of non stop assignments!

Etihad airoplane

Abu Dhabi, flight transit point. I find the airport is very nice lo...

then is Manchester...
everyone wear red over there?

Will miss my families deadly...
Gonna settle my laptop things also, so many files haven't transfer, and I dunno how to transfer I wish I can bring over my desktop to UK...PLEEASE?

Hopefully everything run smooth, and have a pleasent journey in UK / Europe.
I think this trip will be the memorable one, this is the point where we need to move on after graduate, cherish every moment spend with friends and with the 'student' identity.

Pray hard everything gonna be FINE in UK and Europe. *corssfinger*

Paris here I come! [as u see, I only wanna go travel]

Ah! And liverpool jersey also.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

They made better pair.

Coldness run through my soul.
There's no hole in this shoes, but big hole in this heart.
Both of you have so much in same.
You make better couple.
Voices in my head said, turn back!

I need a nice outing.
I wanna watch French movie.
I want to walk to bank and get my stuff done.
I need to be with my friends.
I need to get out.
I need to forget.
I need a promise.
I need another me to give me a hug.
I need to find your shadow on my bed.
I need to pull the string.
I need to hold back.
I need to move.
I need to watch an orchestra concert.
I need to get things done.
I need my mom.
I need to have bak kut teh.
I need to have a suprise for myself.
I need a better plan.
I need to get rid of my mouth.
I need to pull my hair.
I need to bitch.
I need more tears.
I need a bottle of drugs.
I need to fly.
I need to script.
I need to run.
I need to swim.
I need to travel.
I need money.
I need my cousins.
I need a ride to home.
I need an admittance.
I need an identity.
I need simple.
I need to blog.
I need to hide.
I need to be at KLCC.
I need to go to the zoo.
I need to imagine.
I need flowers.
I need fresh air.
I need no more scolding.
I need...a breath.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It's raining outside, really raining...
It chase away the heat in my room, but not inside me.
Perhaps after this I can see a rainbow?
No rain no rainbow.

Get up from my bed, in heat, din get any better.
Still bitter like yesterday.

Some drama soundtrack playing, even sadder.
Have no idea what is wrong with me, tons of things haven't done, must I wait to do my things?
My bank things, my laptop ...

I shall start my day with a nice shower, and home cook food from my granny.

Good morning yesterday.

Shout out!!!

I don't like this, wake up from nightmare, no one to talk to, alone with myself in this empty room.

I never felt so terrify in my dream before, I cried so many times, scream and shout, but still this is useless because I know I can't get back what is gone.

I saw them lying on the floor, shattered.

Everything is covered with flesh and blood. It's horrifying.

Hate myself like this, stupid fat ass, idiot I am.

I'm always stupid in front of you. I don't like people look at me from high.


Stupid pride and ego.

I'm not flawless, in fact I'm full of weaknesses.

I have no more confident, hating myself more.

I'm so not like others. People can forgive 'others'.

Can't find myself out of your shadow.

Have I throwed away long ago?

I want a good night sleep, dreamless.

Look forward to another sun rise.



Thursday, May 7, 2009


Less words this post, just gonna post some pictures...
Today only I know photobucket can edit photos!!!
LOL..having fun edit photos~ignore my shyok sendiri-ness :)

Part one!

A celebration *wink*

A present *grin*

A darkshadow =__=

First time in Wendy's :)


Tasty flour ball=tako yaki!!!

Part Two

sweetie :)
Fong Way is the chef of the day! Expertise in Scallop!


焼き物=BBQ stuff

The hungry people

Dragon ball dessert


Girl power!!!!

See Hui Hsien so ganas~


Krispy Kreme!!!!!

Part Three

Jun's Birthday!!!

A kiss for you. Oops, I kissed a girl...I like it...

So cute!!

The Sim!

The pretties :)

Jun and Lisa~