Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last day in Malaysia before flying, though it's not a long trip, but still, I'll be missing everyone here for 3 months+.

I gonna miss sambal and chilli sauce so much, and my mom's home cook food, all my little cousins...dunno whether they still can recognise me after I come back.

The day before leaving I should plan to eat spicy food like crazy, but I end up sit at home finish up whatever left over in the fridge =.=

3 months, don't know what to expect, but surely an unforgettable experience.
Tons of assignments, lots of friends, and Europe trip!

Gonna face my luggage again, wonder how can I pack more than 30 kg of clothes =___=
I hate packing!!!

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jiateng said...

see you tomorow!!!
here we go.....