Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pre Flying

7 days before flying to UK.
I week to eat spicy food, lepak at mamak, suffer from the heat wave, stay in my lousy rental room, eat bak kut teh one more time, see some friends, eat more, and eat more.
Didn't know time flies, here we are, one more week to fly.
Congrates to those who pass the exam and flying with us :)

There LIST and LIST of things we need to do and shop for.
Suddenly everything need to be rush...

Haven't buy this yet...
aikz, xx need to buy or not? (as if UK dun have everything malaysia has)
Can bring in belacan ar?
How many/much clothes need to bring..
How many pairs of shoes.
No idea what to pack at all at this moment...
What food to buy over leh?
Need to bring mask? I mean mask, face mask, not facial mask...
Need to bring bolster? bed sheet? curtain? cloth? a shoe rak??
How to avoid over weight ...i mean, luggage!


Very FARN lo can die!!!


Tons of things need to think.

Luggage, Air ticket, bankdraft, money, which friend to meet, what to pack, what to buy...
Although I can't feel the excitement yet, but still have to accept the fact that we are going there 3 months of non stop assignments!

Etihad airoplane

Abu Dhabi, flight transit point. I find the airport is very nice lo...

then is Manchester...
everyone wear red over there?

Will miss my families deadly...
Gonna settle my laptop things also, so many files haven't transfer, and I dunno how to transfer I wish I can bring over my desktop to UK...PLEEASE?

Hopefully everything run smooth, and have a pleasent journey in UK / Europe.
I think this trip will be the memorable one, this is the point where we need to move on after graduate, cherish every moment spend with friends and with the 'student' identity.

Pray hard everything gonna be FINE in UK and Europe. *corssfinger*

Paris here I come! [as u see, I only wanna go travel]

Ah! And liverpool jersey also.


Wei Xiang said...

weisin! ahhhhhhhhhh! LoL =D

*just to get the stress off my chest*

see u in da' airport real soon!

jiateng said...

can't believe it....few days to go!!!
Liverpool here we come!