Sunday, May 31, 2009


I'm here, 3rd morning in my huge room!!!
Although I'm lazy to do anything now, but i think i should be responsible to my blog.
So here am I LIVERPOOL!!!!
UK is really a kindom of soccer...everyone here can start a conversation with football.
People here are nice, some don't like Asians...some are friendly.
We don't care! We'll just keep jalan and rayau along Liverpool untill we get use to it.
weather here is nice, but the sun is so hot!!!
the sun rise at 4am, dark at 10.30pm...long long day.
Luckily my jetlag is not very serious, probbly because of lifestyle i used to have, sleep late, wake up even later...

Still don't really have the feel where I actually leave home.
Everything here cost us a bomb after convert, if don't convert this is a perfect coutry to live.
Still dunno how to differentiate the coins here, they don't put numbers on their coin, just a tiny little alphebet there. =.=

still lacking of some neccessary items..i guess will get those by today.
Still have no idea where's the market is, no idea where's china town is..but so far is ok, we manage to walk and find most of the places ourself...
I can't imagine I come without these friends...There's no way I can find my way back.
Some ups and downs these days, hopefully I'll have a happeeee journey in the rest of my staying here.
I miss sambal a lot...
I should bring more food here damn.

Picture will be updated on next post, stay tune!

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