Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shout out!!!

I don't like this, wake up from nightmare, no one to talk to, alone with myself in this empty room.

I never felt so terrify in my dream before, I cried so many times, scream and shout, but still this is useless because I know I can't get back what is gone.

I saw them lying on the floor, shattered.

Everything is covered with flesh and blood. It's horrifying.

Hate myself like this, stupid fat ass, idiot I am.

I'm always stupid in front of you. I don't like people look at me from high.


Stupid pride and ego.

I'm not flawless, in fact I'm full of weaknesses.

I have no more confident, hating myself more.

I'm so not like others. People can forgive 'others'.

Can't find myself out of your shadow.

Have I throwed away long ago?

I want a good night sleep, dreamless.

Look forward to another sun rise.



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