Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is why I LOVE <3 !!!!!



This is why I love J-pop rappers!!!

Lemme introduce to you, one of the Japan greatest rapper--RIP SLYME!


Rip Slyme is a Japanese hip hop group. It is composed of 4 MCs; Ryo-Z, Ilmari, Pes & Su, and 1 DJ, Fumiya. Two of the emcees, Ryo-Z and Ilmari are also member of Teriyaki Boyz!

'Tokyo Drift' proves that Malaysian is can accept Japanese rap no doubt at all! XD


I started listening to one of their song back in 2002. 'Rakuen Baby'

I can't illustrate to you how special Japanese rapper is, but the way they rap I can't find in neither chinese rapper nor blacks rapper.

Or Mayb just because they rap in Japanese Engsrish??!!???LOL

Now I can heard one or two chinese rapper rap like them, but still...a lot to improve.

Many things unique u can find in Japanese rap music.

They wrote their own song normally, you won't find a single dirty words in their lyrics, their lyrics are very optimist and meaningful.

They can compose 'melody' by simply rapping, they don't juz 'talk', but 'sing' to you in words.

Their song composition is always amazing, and they normally produce their own song.

Their DJ always so yeng!

This is my favourite J-rapper style, those like m-flo, rip slyme, orange range, def tech, ketsumeishi, Uverworld...gosh I so love J-rap!

Recently I listen to Rip Slyme--Stairs, their latest single times and times.

I don't listen to every of their songs, in fact, I seldom listen to them.

But this song just hooked me and the melody juz spinning round and round in my mind.

Just like when I listen to their another song, 'Rakuen Baby' 7 years ago, I keep listening untill now! This is is unbeatable, best holiday/vacation/summer song in my list!

I dunno what happen with blogspot coz I can't embed video here...So I juz gonna give you the link, do listen and let me know whether it's good or not k!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Da Bao!

After weeks of discussion, 6 days of shooting, it's finally WRAP, DA BAO, BUNGKUS!!!
Although it's freaking tired after wrap, but still, I feel relief. [That's why I went for movie justnow..haha]
There's tons of work need to be done; plans, assignments, air ticket thingy, editing...
at this point of time, I just wanna rest my leg :)

How frustrated I faced these few days doesn't matter now, most important thing is we able to work this out!

Thanks to everyone who contributed in this prouction, Million thanksssssssss :)
Especially to HuiHsien, her mom, her sister, her house, her car... who contributed the most in this production, Arigatou! ;p
To WeiXiang who manage to memorise all the lines and be our main talent.
To JC for the equipments, it helped us solved a lot of problems.
To all the extras who appear in the short film, sorry for not mentioning names because there's many of you. Just let me thank you all, you know who you are rite? :)

What I learnt in this production, is I really can't work for long term in production.
I think I'll somehow die because of dehydration, overly stress or unhealthy lifestyle...
I don't wanna say this but this definitely is a 'guy' job...

Hopefully this 'still no name' production can turn out to be a good one.



Sunday, April 19, 2009

Penang Kia!

So much of Hokkien in this island,so much of memories with my dearest friends here...
Here I am, sitting in the suite *grin* suite type, with jacquzzi and seperate work place and king size bed leh~~~typing this 'happy post'

Just went up from the tub, it's awesome feeling, floating in the water..i mean half floating...
well, this short relaxing period is like a short break from all the fuss and stress back in kl.
There's 20 of us,3 generation, 4 cars heading north from ipoh.
It's so fun with family, i LOVE annual family trip.
Although Penang is a bit bored without friends, but it still fun! *minus all the kids crying, merajuk ing parts...*
Sadly I can't find any good food here....coz with my granny, so have to find something they can eat, which is NASI.
They don't feel a thing without eating rice.

Didn't bring my camera smart i think i'll just post a few picture from my hp.

I'm going back to ipoh later...
Bubuai~ Penang...!!!

Hell oooooo assignments...assignments and more assignments!

Tadaa!!!!Pictures~[updated 30/4]

Ipoh Foh San HUGE har gao...:P


My house toilet...

the view....mou dik dai hoi geng arrrrrr!!!!


The poser and the atuk.


Anlene gold and silver.

Ladies rules!!! I love this picture~~~everyone look so pweety~~~3 generations yow!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have so much emotions today.
When I throwing up in the toilet justnow, was so many things on my mind.
There was so many things spinning around when the water splashing on my skin.
My mind is blank now.

Drowning in negativity.
Something bad, so so bad.
I tried this before, times and times.
I've learnt to build myself a wall, but it is getting vulnerable now.
I've forgetting the rule of playing the game.
How forgetful I am!

Whenever I writing blog post, I'll recall back my past 8 years back.
8 long years I've been tasting the unpleasent, it's back haunting me again.
Each time people telling me :" what's wrong with you?"
For the 8th years I lose this person, I think it's really my matter for being so immature.

I will be more defensive.
No more pinkish fluffy bed time story.
No more believing in naked truth.
No more self deceiving.
I'll study my philosophy of hope.
I know something good shall happen to me.
A happy post next time?

Friday, April 10, 2009

I know...

I'm the 6th, perhaps 7th or more...

My value can only be seen when I'm needed the most.
Most people take me for granted, even for those who say they will never do that, still doing that subconsciously.

Those who treated me truly from the heart, are getting misty, blurry, hazy...whatever you like to call it.

I can't see them clearly anymore, can't be sure that they will be right beside me, can't feel them in my palm, can't hold them that often, can't see them in my future.

I can't even sorted out a handful of person who will be there, laugh and tear with me in my contact.

The damn e learning is getting me much stress these days.

PMS as well.

Why things never go as what I think?
Perhaps I need to revise Law of Attractions again.
It gives me faith, strenght and power to hope for the future, for something good.

How do I move on when I see no security and certainty in front of my path?

I'm looking at the people, same old faces, different feelings.
I wondering in my mind, do they notice about me? What do they think about me? Are they feel the same as I do?

People are laughing by my side, my realm is gloomy than ever.
The expression on their face, make me think of my good old days, when I still in the bond of the kingdom.

Things change drastically, I sometimes wonder why would this happen?
Am I worth to give up so many good things because I want to pursue future?


Things changed drastically.

They used to smile differently, laugh differently, treating you differently.
It can be better, it can be worst.

When I thought I finally found someone who can accept who the real me was....the cycle repeat itself.

How I wish I am FourFeetNine.

I guess this is my instinct, trapped in this wheel of life.

Twice I tasted the bitter of falling into a quicksand.
It's fast, it's adventurous, at the same time there's sand in your mouth, and you taste sand.

Sometimes I just like to dream for someone could spoil me badly.

Life is about give and take.

I've been living within myself for so long, and I went through trillions of things in my brain cell.

When I reveal my true self somewhere in the dark, I hope to see the light.

My light is off. Perhaps the bulb is burnt.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hola Pola!

I never try Polaroid before, but this funky software just lemme have an experience of real [almost real] poladroid!

The outcome is so poladroidness~
The color will slowly tranfrom from yellowish become vivid, and it even allows you to safe when the final out come not ready...the yellowish kind of poladroid, yall know?

From this~

To this! Hola!

This is so FUN~

The best thing is everyone in the polaroid picture looks nice~
Blurish=no pores, no pimple, no flat breast, no spare tyre...etc.

Just go to and download a copy, it's so easy and fun!

Here we go! Shyok Sendiri pics~


Looks like 60s Kyoto back alley, infront of the little Ramen stalls~









I'm very lazy and hopeless in photoshop, this poladroid thing just adjust to the best color~I love it!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009


I really lazy when someone not around.
I am too lazy to walk out of my room, too lazy to open my door, too lazy to get down the street and buy myself food.

My face is so oily[ i can feel] and I'm wearing my old lubang t-shirt so I dun wanna go out...
I'm wearing specs so I dun wanna go out!!

Perhaps I've been so lazy and have maggie mee for 3 days straight and I don't wanna loose my hair no more.

I'm so scare of going down the street and bring back take away in my hand and walk alone like everyone else.

I so hate seeing people holding da bao food on their hand...


well, I guess I just gonna eat my own fat arm for dinner+luch+ propably breakfast.

Hmm...I don't think tat's enough for my fat tummy.
So I gonna eat another arm off...

Wait...How am I gonna type if I have both arm gone?

Well, I gonna eat my fat belly off because I always hate my belly.

Ok, deal.

Dinner + Lunch + Breakfast = Flabby arm + fat oily juicy belly!!!!

Here goes, I'm ripping my arm off...

[I'm now typing single handed]


ok...I go dabao luuu~~*grin*

It's true I hate da bao...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tenji Japanese feast!!!

I had enough for all the E shitting learning stuff...
These days been nothing but E learning. Everytime anyone mention about this my head will get dizzy, tons of things lining up to be clear off, but I've done nothing.
Enough for that.

I've been crave for a decent Japanese buffet for so so long.
One night when I studying in McD for the E learning [you see! here it goes again!!] I came across this Tenji Japanese buffet promotion in The Sun.
It was a great deal to dine in because the lunch promo is only 49.90++ and the supper is only 39.90++.

I just want to try my luck by calling to book a table. I tried amny times, just when I wanted to give up, the operator picked up my phone!!!!
After some hiccups and some accident, we finally manage to go Tenji!!
It's strange because I feel so relief when I step in the restaurant.
Just because I wanted this for so long, I'm getting ancious when I faced trouble...

I might be too over about this, but I feel it worth for me to do so.
It might be the best dining experince ever!

The freshness of the food, and the shocking variety of the choices, it's all well worth!
I tasted the best Oyster, generous portion of unagi, freshest sashimi, and the first Hagen Dazz I ever tried.


Table 113

Cozy environment

A picture says thousands words....


Hagen Dazz...omg==
I never like ice cream but this one is heavenly good!








Group picture without me...

Thanks KK [the crab killer] for the pictures. :)

the bil sum up RM 53 per person. [coz they charge the tax according to the normal price, which is RM 88)

It's a great deal for this kind of food. I read many of the floggers comparing Tenji and Jogoya.
Although they saying Jogoya is more classy, but hey, with RM53 and this kind of gourmet food...Hell no way you can find in Jogoya!

I just so so in love with Japanese food!!