Thursday, April 30, 2009

This is why I LOVE <3 !!!!!



This is why I love J-pop rappers!!!

Lemme introduce to you, one of the Japan greatest rapper--RIP SLYME!


Rip Slyme is a Japanese hip hop group. It is composed of 4 MCs; Ryo-Z, Ilmari, Pes & Su, and 1 DJ, Fumiya. Two of the emcees, Ryo-Z and Ilmari are also member of Teriyaki Boyz!

'Tokyo Drift' proves that Malaysian is can accept Japanese rap no doubt at all! XD


I started listening to one of their song back in 2002. 'Rakuen Baby'

I can't illustrate to you how special Japanese rapper is, but the way they rap I can't find in neither chinese rapper nor blacks rapper.

Or Mayb just because they rap in Japanese Engsrish??!!???LOL

Now I can heard one or two chinese rapper rap like them, but still...a lot to improve.

Many things unique u can find in Japanese rap music.

They wrote their own song normally, you won't find a single dirty words in their lyrics, their lyrics are very optimist and meaningful.

They can compose 'melody' by simply rapping, they don't juz 'talk', but 'sing' to you in words.

Their song composition is always amazing, and they normally produce their own song.

Their DJ always so yeng!

This is my favourite J-rapper style, those like m-flo, rip slyme, orange range, def tech, ketsumeishi, Uverworld...gosh I so love J-rap!

Recently I listen to Rip Slyme--Stairs, their latest single times and times.

I don't listen to every of their songs, in fact, I seldom listen to them.

But this song just hooked me and the melody juz spinning round and round in my mind.

Just like when I listen to their another song, 'Rakuen Baby' 7 years ago, I keep listening untill now! This is is unbeatable, best holiday/vacation/summer song in my list!

I dunno what happen with blogspot coz I can't embed video here...So I juz gonna give you the link, do listen and let me know whether it's good or not k!

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elo raisin! =) u can embed the video here wan, but u'll need to take the html code and paste it under the "html" tab when u're posting =)

try try see can work or not k!