Friday, April 3, 2009


I really lazy when someone not around.
I am too lazy to walk out of my room, too lazy to open my door, too lazy to get down the street and buy myself food.

My face is so oily[ i can feel] and I'm wearing my old lubang t-shirt so I dun wanna go out...
I'm wearing specs so I dun wanna go out!!

Perhaps I've been so lazy and have maggie mee for 3 days straight and I don't wanna loose my hair no more.

I'm so scare of going down the street and bring back take away in my hand and walk alone like everyone else.

I so hate seeing people holding da bao food on their hand...


well, I guess I just gonna eat my own fat arm for dinner+luch+ propably breakfast.

Hmm...I don't think tat's enough for my fat tummy.
So I gonna eat another arm off...

Wait...How am I gonna type if I have both arm gone?

Well, I gonna eat my fat belly off because I always hate my belly.

Ok, deal.

Dinner + Lunch + Breakfast = Flabby arm + fat oily juicy belly!!!!

Here goes, I'm ripping my arm off...

[I'm now typing single handed]


ok...I go dabao luuu~~*grin*

It's true I hate da bao...

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