Sunday, April 19, 2009

Penang Kia!

So much of Hokkien in this island,so much of memories with my dearest friends here...
Here I am, sitting in the suite *grin* suite type, with jacquzzi and seperate work place and king size bed leh~~~typing this 'happy post'

Just went up from the tub, it's awesome feeling, floating in the water..i mean half floating...
well, this short relaxing period is like a short break from all the fuss and stress back in kl.
There's 20 of us,3 generation, 4 cars heading north from ipoh.
It's so fun with family, i LOVE annual family trip.
Although Penang is a bit bored without friends, but it still fun! *minus all the kids crying, merajuk ing parts...*
Sadly I can't find any good food here....coz with my granny, so have to find something they can eat, which is NASI.
They don't feel a thing without eating rice.

Didn't bring my camera smart i think i'll just post a few picture from my hp.

I'm going back to ipoh later...
Bubuai~ Penang...!!!

Hell oooooo assignments...assignments and more assignments!

Tadaa!!!!Pictures~[updated 30/4]

Ipoh Foh San HUGE har gao...:P


My house toilet...

the view....mou dik dai hoi geng arrrrrr!!!!


The poser and the atuk.


Anlene gold and silver.

Ladies rules!!! I love this picture~~~everyone look so pweety~~~3 generations yow!

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