Saturday, April 25, 2009

Da Bao!

After weeks of discussion, 6 days of shooting, it's finally WRAP, DA BAO, BUNGKUS!!!
Although it's freaking tired after wrap, but still, I feel relief. [That's why I went for movie justnow..haha]
There's tons of work need to be done; plans, assignments, air ticket thingy, editing...
at this point of time, I just wanna rest my leg :)

How frustrated I faced these few days doesn't matter now, most important thing is we able to work this out!

Thanks to everyone who contributed in this prouction, Million thanksssssssss :)
Especially to HuiHsien, her mom, her sister, her house, her car... who contributed the most in this production, Arigatou! ;p
To WeiXiang who manage to memorise all the lines and be our main talent.
To JC for the equipments, it helped us solved a lot of problems.
To all the extras who appear in the short film, sorry for not mentioning names because there's many of you. Just let me thank you all, you know who you are rite? :)

What I learnt in this production, is I really can't work for long term in production.
I think I'll somehow die because of dehydration, overly stress or unhealthy lifestyle...
I don't wanna say this but this definitely is a 'guy' job...

Hopefully this 'still no name' production can turn out to be a good one.



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