Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm gonna do this for once

I'm gonna do something really Bimbo and stupid to make a record for my life, for this period of time, when I'm heading 24 years old, I still doing something like this.

I always fancy about voice, I love to listen to deep, powerful, convincing voice.
I always fond of fingers too, long slim, clean cut and fair fingers.
I like looking at beautiful eyes, not the sissy kind, is eyes like deep blue sea; like how Suzzie Salmon describe her mother in Lovely Bones. Deep eyes, where you can see endless emotion in a pair of eyes. (And sometimes maybe with the help of eyeliner and smokey eyes).

Found the ideal look I want in guy. Just the look, and the eyes, and the lashes, and the eyes again, and the voice. OK I'm done.

Alrite, laugh as loud as you want!

My new fancy, TOP from Big Bang.

Funny name, funny korean thick make up boy band, but wait until you see him rapping.
I have no immune system towards rappers, especially cute good looking rapper with deep dimple.

OK, come laugh again.

I'm starting to do something really childish and weird, but it spice up my life.
It's like how I admire W-inds last time, early in the morning the daily dose is to watch their videos. Daily supplement is the music, and the rest of the day will be exceptionally good, good mood, good traffic, good smile~

Maybe in few weeks time I will not fancy him anymore, this post will serve as a prove for myself for childish act, for going back to 18 again.

Hello 18!

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