Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year Resolutions

1) To be a lovable girl. Do like how others do, how people can black faced but still lovable, and VERY lovable.

2) To be better driver, NOT to bang my car EVER again.

3) Buy myself something I really want, such as Camera, Curler, Starbucks mug, a pair of nais oxford, a really really nais purse, an expensive jeans, Iphone, something indulge...now you know what I mean? I can't even decide this myself?

4) Be proactive on work! Act before people, act fast, act smart!

5) Do more listening than talking.

6) Finish reading Stephen Covey's book. And apply.

7) Do something in my career which I can proudly say out loud. Something!

8) Send my parents money.

9) Start TRADING. I mean seriously, start.

10) Find treatment, solution, medicine for him.

11) Stand out before my boss. I'm still nobody in front of the boss. I need to grow, from a small potato.

12) Save another 15k for house.

13) Be grateful for life. Stop looking at others' pretty hair, pretty dress, shoes and bag.

14) Find my mentor for dinner, at least once.

15) Appreciate friendship, learn how to ask from people. Take more than give.

Ultimately, to be happy.

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