Friday, October 21, 2011


Curi gambar ya!

I'm not like princess-sy kind of person, who dressed like a princess, act like one, favorite color is pink, and even boyfriend called them Princess.
But, I really like to read wedding blogs like Green Wedding Shoes.

Ang moh kind of wedding pictures are always warm, filled with happiness and blessing, everyone are having fun, and the couple of the day looks HAPPY.

None of the wedding I attended close to what I always read in the blog, but recently I attended one, which is far better than what I saw in the pictures. Congratulations Szetoo Weiwen and George!

They are the sweetest couple I know, and marriage seems to be very natural for them, something that they meant to do together.

I can't describe things better than the bride herself, Szetoo have described nicely in her own blog. Congratulations again!

Do note the video at the end of the post. Bestest wedding video ever! Oh and they showed an interview in the wedding banquet as well. I almost teared when I watched that. Szetoo and I are not like normal girl-friends. We don't talk to each other much, but she understand me well. When we used to team up in college, she always have the same view as I do. I am sucks at descriptions but her thoughts always filled in my blanks. Such a special friend I have.

I still remember the day she walked towards me and said she's getting married! That was a sunny afternoon in her room in Atlantic Point. Time flies and the memories stay :)

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