Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It's been a while (a long while) since I abandon my own blog. I even need to think for a second for my own blog URL. Sad.

Alright, quite update of my current live.

1) Safely, 3rd month of my new job is coming. I can sti
ll remember how hard the feeling is to step out of my comfort zone, lovely colleagues and come to a whole new environment.
It's hard not to think about my previous job when you have no colleague to face, only boss. I think I'm doing quite well to lunch alone now, way to go girl!


2) Moving towards Apple. For job reason, I have changed my PC to mac, and Nokia to Iphone. Most of the times I will get 'Whoo Whoa' from people. However this is not the 'package' which I agreed to. Apparently my bosses are hardcore Steve Job fans, and they believe in to work and present better your work to the world, you must first have the best equipment. Not only device, intelligence as well.

3) Car accident, again (I know).
This time round is not my fault AT ALL. Apparently the one who hit me, was JT. Weirdest accident ever huh...He was hit by the car behind, and his car hit mine, which is right in front of his. So end of story, I gotten my car a spanking new butt, JT gotten his car a new forehead and buttock.

4) RM 200000 loan.
With lots of help from my much love papa and mama, I finally achieved my first dream before 25 years old. Do you call this, LOA (law of attractions), or determination?
Whichever it is, I gonna cut down on all my expenses. 200k loan is no joke. Finger cross, I will be fine.

5) Balllllllli!
Went to Bali for a week escape. Away from emails (partially), traffic (unlikely) and Internet (sadly), we are recharged and had so much fun! The beaches are stunning, the sea breeze lingering, you can literally feel the stickiness on your skin, probably the sea salt. But it feels so good. I can't forget the 15 minutes of leisure I have in Ubud, a decent coffee house with a fine cup of flat white. The 15 minutes we have is a bliss. It's best describe as 'life' at that moment.

Other than that, travel is not complete with good food. The suckling pork ribs and a bowl full of beef ball soup (Bakso) still 'haunting' me. Can't get enough of these.

6) Share price big sale
Not a good news for me, can't escape from the Bursa riot, and hence lesser money to do renovation and furnishing. Time will do the curing I know, nothing else I can do except waiting.

People around me are having drastic change. They are getting aggressive, motivated and moving forward. I started to feel the stress of leaving behind. Time to get some sparks after vacation. Like one of my Star colleague always says, 'think Weisin, think!'

The more we expose to the world, the more desire I have in my inner self. It's like before you expose to Sushi Zanmai, you will be satisfied with Sushi King's crappy sushi. Once you have the best, you will not go back. It's the same in life.

I see more things, meet more people, know more successful entrepreneur, the more I generate desire. Better life, better future, better path way. Sometimes desire needs money, it's like buying a pair of Marks & Spencer's shoes, who wanna go to Vincci to buy a pair of overpriced flats!

Money is the key, to drive all these desire to reality. I know I will have what I wanted, no fear to grow my wish list, just work harder to grow my fortune.

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miapatra said...

love your last sentence
:I know I will have what I wanted, no fear to grow my wish list, just work harder to grow my fortune.