Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Air Asia's fault!

A & B is going to Bali
C & D is going to Phuket
E & F is going to Perth
G & H is booking for Krabi

Me feeling crappy.

LOL (pun intended)

Well, Tony Fernandas new trick,causing the huge jam in AirAsia home page. I guess maybe because of person like me, who have no planning on travel, just to check out the price.

I so wanna to travel! To HK, Taiwan, Aussie, UK!!!! The ticket is cheap cheap cheap.
Perhaps I should consider to change my phone first?
My phone is giving me big time recently, it started to load slower than my grandma walking.


This is a very wu liao post, just to vent thing out of my mind.
I can't stop refreshing the red color page with bees buzzing.
I just wanna go! Even if just East Malaysia!!