Friday, September 4, 2009

A new journey

Here I am, spending the last few hours in Liverpool, probably the last time of my life in Liverpool.
Since young Europe country had been a dream for me, it's unreachable, it's magical.
Liverpool is truly a nice city, giving us magical experience and memories.
I sincerely thank my parents who willing to give me this chance from the bottom of my heart.
I feel bad because I travel to Europe countires before they do, but I know is because they love me :)
This probably gonna be a my best summer ever. The weather is awesome, the place is magnificent, the people is nice, my room is huge!
I got a bigger room than the one in Malaysia omg..
I'm going to start my journey to Europe tonight, and HOPEFULLY I'll have a great experience.
My status now is 'jobless', not 'student' anyone who like to hire me pls let me know, I'm good !

Friends are aparting, from now on we're independent adult, we need to be responsible to ourself.
Transforming to this stage is so unreal to me, the moment I still stress because of homework and future, the next moment I'm not entitle to be a student anymore.
A whole lot more future waiting for us, and it's gonna be a tough one.
Seeing friend who getting their career in their early 20s, getting success in life is so unbelivable.
I still aimless in life, but certainly going to pay back my parents.

Good bye...I say to Liverpool, LJMU, my student life, my lovely lecturers, my memories here.
Hello...I say to my future, challenges, my family and Malaysia.

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