Wednesday, September 23, 2009

14 hours flight, 7 hours transit, 1 day above 5000 feets.

Again, killing time in Abu Dhabi air port, makaned super expensive dinner/breakfast, trying times and times to connect the stupid wireless connection.
Feeling closer to home already, seeing Malay and Indian here, different people from Europe.
Ah...I'm close to home.
Everything happened in UK is beautful, including the last backpack experience.
It's frust, tiring, but very exciting and we are happy :)
We walk most of the time, exploring the tube in London, trying to inhale as much fresh air as we can in Edinburgh, sitting at the Starbucks watching people...all these has been a great experience.
Everything happened in EU is very unrealistic now, the moment I board on the plane I can clearly remember the day I depart to UK from KLIA, time flies.

I saw friends leaving me msg in facebook...everyone is experiencing this, UK seems like a long beautiful dream we had, and now is time to wake up.

In 10 hours time I'll be in my homeland, another 3 hours bus ride to my hometown.
Here I come! My home.

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