Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Wish

To ladies:

1) Your self value come from inside, no one can create for you, and no one can put a price on you.

2) Do not lower down yourself. You worth more than what he/ they thinks.

3) Improve yourself with what you like . You look best when you're doing what you love.

4) Shine from the inside. Always have good attitude, smile! Not to afraid doing extra, you never know what's in return.

5) Pamper yourself once in a while. You did so much for others, well done girl. It's time for your reward.

6) Don't endure the pain. If the scarifies is one sided, then live for yourself.

7) Dress pretty. Not for others, it's for you to feel good about yourself.

8) What's wrong with sexy lingerie? Feel confident from inside out :P

9) Be independent at times, you're strong enough to take care of yourself.

10) Be dependent at times, you worth people taking care of you.

11) Be FIERCE. With taste.

weisin 2012.

To the ladies out there who think like me. And for self practice.

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