Friday, July 12, 2013

THE value

Hi People.

Random thoughts recently.

Feeling grateful for people who helped me, who loved me and guided me all along.
Looking back the times when I 'accidentally' gothic and emo and black faced, I feel happier now.
Smiling to people I like is bliss. Not being able to smile at the people I dislike is something I have to learn.

Learning how to deal with tough people the hard way, is good. Is eye opening and is the fastest way to learn. For some pervert reason, I like the feeling when I know how to deal with tough people.

It's like when I was damn young and need to act old, and bluff to uncles who have tons of experience. When they impressed, I feel damn old/ good. Just because I manage to bluff them :p


How much one willing to do for others, is my measurement in any kind of relationship.
Many people asked me how come I have such a high endurance? What make me keep going on?
It's merely how much time and lessons I was given, and the value is worthwhile.

Give me 10% and I'll give you 110%.


Great night hang out with the colleagues..colleagues!
Manage to spend more times with the girls, which is something I always want to do.
I realize I click with most of the guys better, but I do want to spend time with the girls and do some girls thing. And we did it! Thanks to the cutest girl I know, Chu the cutest!

Feeling great after meeting people, catching up with them, and get close to them.
It's the only way I can feel like I'm part of the family. Or maybe I'm the only one who can feel that way :p

Be positive, be charged, be grateful.

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