Saturday, July 20, 2013


I need to dedicate this last picture I have for my phone backed up to my pc. Lovely breakfast by SP, an incredible lovable leader.

Yes, I'm a fool.
How many times one can repeat the same luck/ foolish?
I lost my phone today, precisely, STOLEN.

Very impromptu I went for shopping, alone.
End up I shop for less than 2 hours, looking for the damn phone for another 3-4 hours.

I checked my last SMS for work, then keep it in my bag. Zip half zip because the zip is kinda malfunction. And when I realize about it, it's gone.

I regretted for everything.
Shouldn't have went out alone.
Shouldn't have put my phone in my bag, should put in my pocket.
I just shouldn't shop alone today.

Can't cry over the spilled milk.
Now I'm 2.2k broke, and I need the phone as much as breathing air.

Weisin...when can the bad luck stop haunting you, from time to time?
I need to go temple maybe, to 'twist my luck'.

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