Saturday, July 27, 2013


家,永远是快乐天堂。 今天在fb 看到这则朋友的留言,好合适不过。

看着表弟妹们渐渐长大,和爸爸聊起来,才发现自己到kl 已经7年了。
7 年,不短的日子。
7 年,我又成长多少了,变多少了。
7年, 经历过年少无知,漏夜念书,最后last minute 赶功课,看着朋友谈恋爱,失恋。



People are filled with choices.
As time goes by, your choices will become more.

Imagine last time a cup of Starbucks is out of question, is something so luxury I won't even think about it.
Now, it's something so normal, whenever we need a hang out place we will chose Starbucks.

And not only that, you have Pacific Coffee, Coffee Bean, Dome, San Francisco Coffee and etc.

Now when you widen your scope, there's more choices you have, and more dilemma you might caught in between.

We keep trying, keep exploring. We live life, and realize life is so interesting, there's so many options we never know of. So colorful.

Then we keep pushing our limit to another level, there's always more, more people with better offer, more opportunity and more discovery.

And when we manage to go to another level, it's quite difficult to move backward, good or bad way.

I'm glad we live life, we experienced life, and we should get the best of our live.

Peace people.

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