Friday, February 13, 2009


My primary school has a great history in Ipoh, it considered one of the oldest school in Ipoh.

I remember the school will flood whenever there's heavy rain. During my time, we still study in the wooden building, where the wood is only cover half of the wall. It's exactly like a kandang u know...!!!
Last time when there's heavy rain, two rows of students have to shift to the seats further to the window, because the rain will blown in from the window.

But still, we having so much fun playing ropes hopping under the huge old tree, hiding treasure on the tree, having assembly under the willow tree, took part in singing and story telling competition under the same willow tree.

The school notice about the school building seriously need to rebuild, and the headmaster by that time worked very very hard to raise money from every possible way to fund raising.

And now, no more kandang classroom, what's replace them are all concrete and bricks building, with a huge dewan and nicely facilitated.

Although I'm being a nerd most of my primary school time, do nothing but study and try to memorise all the essays for dictation, but still I having great time study in Primary school--SRJK(c) Yuk Choy. 育才华小。

The way the school name our class is very cute, we're in the first class of primary 6, they called us 小六一。

Since we graduated from primary school, it has been 10 years from now. The class gathering every CNY had been practice till now, for 10 years. We visited mainly 2 teacher, 1 is our English teacher, Mr.Phan, and our beloved science teacher, Ms. Liew.

I can still recall that I affraid of my science teacher a lot, because she always give a lot of homework, and she's a straight teacher. She will beat us with rottan whenever we did not so good in test. But now, she treat us like children more than students. And we are so glad to have her as teacher.

I can remember clearly how they looked like when they're in primary school.
Most of them are juz simply know all first class student, they'll have the nerd looking.
But now, look at them, they look so different, all are more handsome and prettier. (and taller)

It's not easy to have primary school friend still keep in contact, that's why this kind of anual gathering is extra special.

Ms.Liew--the science teacher aka our mama.

Uncle J the b.boy






Group photos at Mr.Phan's house.

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jiateng said...

same primary school memory....
i also experience the same when rain and wind hits our classroom!