Friday, February 20, 2009

Everyone loving it!

Now I'm sitting here, right in front of my computer, and I still have McD's brew coffee in my breathe.
McD is giving out discount coupons since last week, and I had McD for breakfast, 5(FIVE!!!) days in a row.

We're quite exaggerate for having McD breakfast so often, and we can even stay up till 4 in the morning just to wait for the breakfast.
I wonder why they don't sell McMuffin during day time? It's much better than normal bugger bread!

I was once so hate fast food, and now I have McD almost everyday...sigh.
I just simply enjoy reading newspaper and have a sip of nice coffee. I don't afford to go bucks-bintang, McD is good enough for me.

I'm not writing advertorial fyi (I'm not that good to write any actually), just wanna show you something farnie in this McD coupon.


normal t&c printed on the coupon,
'not valid in Genting McD, not exchangeable for cash, 5% gov tax, blah blah blah...'


*Photocopies are ALLOWED*

Normally is photocopies NOT allow, but Uncle Ronald seems a bit desperate to stimulate the sales, and therefore not only photocopy allowed, but also Download allowed.

And crazy people like us, really betul-betul hontouni go and download the coupon, colour printed and cut out nicely wtf...

McD like kinda one of the most unhealthy fast food, but they tend to make it looks very nutritious and balance diet.

Ok, let's take a look how much calories in one set of sausage McMuffin with egg.

Sausage McMuffin with egg-357kcal
Hash Brown- 145kcal
Coffee- 139kcal

This is the total count for ONE cup of coffee...many of you all,like me, won't satisfy with only one cup of coffee,coz it's FREE refill. I'm sure drink more than one cup, com'on la, we pay for it already ok...well, for a set of breakfast, it seems quite ok for the calories.

Let see how much calories in a large set of McValue meal.

Spicy Chicken McDeluxe-643kcal
French Fries-431kcal

A female like my height (around 166cm) , moderate weight need around 1800 calories per day.
Make it 2000kcal, a set of McD like this already took up more than half the calories you need per day! Scary huh...

It's not THAT healthy eating McD you know, and it quite pricey.

Now they are having promotion RM5.95 lunch, for McChicken, Double cheese burger, Chicken McNugget and Fillet-O-Fish.

McD is so licik you know.
Previously before the price hike, McChicken and Fillet-O-Fish is only Rm6 something (don't really remember the exact price), zhong zhi jau much cheaper la. But now they're having promotion and make it sounds like it's really cheap!
Com'on la..that the previous price lo...

but STILL, I 'm one of them who attracted by the price. LOL.

This place always been our all time favourite.
I really mean, ALL time.



Pictures courtesy of z2ww :)

I'm Loving it!


PinkElve said...

Wah i didn't know that you can actually photocopy the mcd discount brochures now man! Good news but erm...where can i get one? lol...

speaking abt McD...i'm a fan! Free refill, very good deal. I'm addicted to coffee so if i could, i'd actually go to McD for breakfast everyday...but i wouldn't becuz i'd rather sleep lol...But then, i love the sundaes and recently, i hv been so addicted to it, it worries me...

can't believe u actually calculated the calories too chance plz calculate how the sundae wil affect my belly..haha...

weisin said...

u can download the coupon from the website u know..haha!
a sundae won't affect much, in fact, u're not fat k~

jiateng said...

promotion ends at 28th Feb, I must grab my last chance!!!