Thursday, December 20, 2012


Sometimes life is unexpected, there's unexpected event, unexpected issues, like my resent event, is the least I would expect could happen.

I have so much trust on us, believing that my hard work will pay off, my perseverance will have return one day. However, it happened...and unexpectedly, happened twice in a year. And still, I kept faith in you, after so much hurtful events.

Another unexpected one is the people who will come across your life during your down time, the things they said, the lesson they though you, and the advise from the wise ones.

It's so damn true. Once I asked one of my friend who is from India, she married to the husband through arranged marriage.

'How can you marry a person who you barely know?'
'Most of us get married through arrange marriage have a happy marriage. Take a look at the couples who gotten married after dating for years. How many of them lasted? And how many of them divorced? 

It's so damn true.

(Copied from 丽燕 in FB, all credit goes to her, this is too good not to be shared)


I don't know her much, just met once during an orchestra concert. I knew that she's a very knowledgeable lady, have very deep thoughts, didn't know one fine day her words will touch me.

 She have a strong character, unlike how she look like, obedient and quiet. She have so much courage, and she stand firm on what she think is right. No one can bully her because she's the master of her own will.

I admire that.

I accidentally flipped through the pictures I gotten that day. One day before white valentines day on the first incident.
The picture captured my attention and I can't carry on my work anymore. Everything flashed back in my head, and I can remember the night I spent in my own room, without anyone, alone....and I have to look at the shattered trust I once had. 

Painful? no..
Hurt? was is more like questioning myself, what have I done wrong in the past?

Too confident?
I got the price to pay now, I have no confident now and I don't know whether carrying confident is right, or wrong.

Cocky = Confident = Bossy= Fierce= you are so not lovable.

It's going to end soon, year 2012, the painful yet memorable year.

If tomorrow ever come, I hope I can define myself once again, how am I suppose to behave. 

I already screwed my career, I can't afford to lose anything anymore.


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