Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hello me!

Dear me, how are you today? 

It's been one month since the heart broken day happened. 
Are you OK now? Are you a better self now?

This is a long long month.

Worse is on this joyful festive season, the bitterness lingers, can't get rid of it.
I think I manage to pull off now, in terms of emotions and negativity.

I didn't cry last night. I manage to get a couple of hours sleep, despite I'm awake by the stopped robot and your groan. 

Tried to keep myself busy, try to come back later than you, tried to move away from everything, tried very hard to get attracted to something, something to kill time.

I think slowly, I will be able to find the meaning of watching TV, not turning on everything in the house to keep me company.  

Progressively, I will be stepping out of the pain, and start to feel numbness. Like something press on your shoulder for too long, and you won't feel the pain and the weight anymore. You just feel numb, and tired.


Sometimes life is not about how much you give, and then to measure how much you take.
Life not necessary can be a balance, despite I'm a Libra. 

Sometimes when your faith shattered, you will do something very silly.
I even went to check out Feng Shui, and realize putting fake flower in the house is not good for relationship. Coincident huh.
LOL at myself.

Letting things go to get hold on something better. Maybe the better things will not come, but letting go for more peace, I think I can do it.

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