Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Did you ever have this very funny feeling, keep switching TV channel but found nothing you can watch, and just turn on the TV for companionship? And your mind start to go spinning crazily, and random thoughts came up, stupid ideas, wrong ideas come first, then memories, finally a dash of sorrow.

Did you ever wanted to talk to people so crazily, you start scrolling all the contacts in your app, and sending random message to random people desperately?

Ever feel like doing nothing at all, just want to sit there, waiting to rot together with the chair?

Ever feel like everything around does not matter to you anymore? Including cleanliness, house work, undone work, emails, dinner...worst, family.

Meaningless in everything you do. And feel like a farking dumbass all. the. time.

Saw this from somewhere, 如果你长得很抱歉,那就请你多笑吧。
Like a idiot, like I laugh at every idiotic low class joke every time.

Less fierce now?


Did you ever imagine how your future partner will look like?
I can totally imagined your's, times and times it appeared in my sleep.

I can't imagine mine, someone taller? shorter? fatter? uglier?wealthier? fairer? Asian? Malaysian? Short hair? Bald?

Give me a sign, before end of the world.

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