Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One Direction

Great quote!

Sometimes I laugh so so hard in front of friends, for some lame jokes and not funny statement, people will look at me strangely.

I'm trying can't you see? Laughing hard will make me truly believe that I'm laughing, happy.
I felt much better actually.

Time will pass, wound will heal, but feelings and smells never go away.

I know my boss is going to ask me the question: What you want to excel in your career? What you really want to do?

He's such a scary person that he can sense that I'm heading no where, and getting drained by everything. He talked to me, and I felt so much better after showered in his advise and motivation.

So lucky to found my mentor, who appears to be my boss as well.

Keep going girl, keep going!

Trees which gone through storm will grow taller, I know that well.

Imma think HARD, what I really want. Not as a follower. As a master of my own life.

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