Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Slipping away...

During August, I knew the clock is ticking. I try so hard to find a reason, why? and resulted myself always in bad temper, everything is just not right.

I made an effort to try cheer you up on your birthday, spend some quality time together, surprise you with a getaway. Decent meal, breakfast, quality time...

And so, my loose temper is also created so much problem which I finally know, is the axe of my  relationship.

Didn't know the feelings of losing someone is so horrifying. 

You know something is slowly happening, but yet there's nothing you can hold on to, because you have no clues, at all.
Crying out loud is not something I like to do. The last time I did that was March 14, the day I realize there's no such thing as secure on our base.

And now, we should have no more fuss, no more trust issues, no more problems, just sorrows. But the feeling is like thousands of ants biting me, all over my body. It's painful and itchy, but the more I scratch the more itchy it is, and scratching leaves scars.

I'll keep calm and carry on. Maybe everything from the start is not right.
I will walk on the line, not crossing any, and try to walk away one day.

Move on girl!  This is the best thing happen to you.

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