Thursday, December 27, 2012

Brain Juice

Shouldn't be apple cheek, tomato cheek it is!

Sigh, today has been a rough day.
Didn't had my lunch till 9.30 pm, have some yummy but unhealthy instanto noodle.

My brain is severely damanged, thanks to the boss's goreng session, and I know it's not over yet.
He's sharpen me, and I've been VERY rusted recently.

It's good to polished when I have no more energy and heart to do things. Not to mention passion as well.
'Think, Weisin...I need you to think.'

Well well, I'm so distracted by don't know what, and god knows what..I can't think.
I need to be wide awake anyway, just waiting for the timing. Then another vicious cycle again.

Boss always have a macroscopic view of things. Very mass, the picture is huge. What I can see is a small portion of it. But whenever he lead me, it's like opening doors in that picture, and I tend to see more with guidance.

It's me, need guidance. I can work independently, but I can think very far ahead.
Look at me, things I do are repeating the first quadrant (4 quadrant in the book, 7 Habit of Effective people), the Urgent and Very important things.

Eventually the second Quadrant, which is not urgent, but important stuff are crucial.

He asked me lots of question, I can only answer with my mouth wide open. I'm unprepared.

I can't loose my career anymore, I've lost quite a bit recently. Only not weight.

As much as I want to keep my head up, I can't help myself from overthinking.
Life has been quite good to me, people around are good to me.

Thankful for that, imma have a good life.

Thank YOU.


Sometimes, just rethink in my position. Things I said are not exactly pointless, all you need is a paradigm shift.

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