Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Beef soup of soul

This is the MOST pathetic Christmas tree I ever seen! Kudos for the effort, by turning the junks into decoration. But too much of junks make this 'tree' look really like a junk. Where are the presents? LED lights? colorful charms and sweets?

Urgh, as dull as the newspaper might present. Ink, and yellowish newspaper.
Festive during this time is not easy I know. But I will make it through. I will be fine.

Started my day with beef soup ta-baoed as surprise. Same food, same taste, same person, but whole entirely different scenario.

However, the warm soup still warms up my tummy and my heart. 
This is something you would do out of ordinary to surprise me. I appreciate that.

Finally made it to Cheras to eat the famous fish head noodle.
Like how it looks, cook to perfection in creamy soup base, smooth and tender fish chunk (fresh fish, not the fried one), a hint of chinese wine and salted vege to stir up the taste bud.


It's raining now, again.
Weather has been like this for months. Good and bad, good and bad.

The day before my boss asked me, what would I want to do next, in the future, what would I want to excel.
Frankly, I have no freaking idea at all.

For all this while, I've been leaded, guided by someone. Either you, the boss, or friends.
Obviously, I need guidance, and sometimes I do really need to work alone, live alone.
Think Weisin think! What you want to do in life?

What to do with your life?

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