Sunday, December 23, 2012


It's Christmas eve today.
I spent the last 4 Christmas eve in the church, showered with Christmas Carrol, blessing, drinking session. Very blissful.

Found back a card you made for me. Some stickers, nice words.

Before your existence, I used to help out my mom to clean the furniture, the annual cleaning. I missed those days a lot, waking up and watch TV, the TV3 Kids club especially.

Amazed by those send in coloring competition, then endless cartoons until noon time.

Help out my mom to move out the furniture, clean, rinse, dry, move back in again.
Exhausted, but clean.

Gonna have small party in my house today, quite excited about it. It's party anyway, I need to hype up myself.

I can foresee I won't be around too often next year onwards, I will appreciate the time I can spend with everyone of you.

I should start loving myself more...starting by giving myself a cheap jewelry as Christmas gift.

Merry Christmas me!


Dream again... you..
Perfect apple cheek, fair, feminine...nothing like me.

If I am a guy, I would want to date a girl like this.
Vulnerable, cute, bubbly, nice laughter, vain, a fine template of a girl, the girl next door.
It's perfect isn't it?

Don't know since when I have lesser dress in my wardrobe. Dress, the simplest way to dress up and become a princess. Maybe I no princess, I'm always the servant, at your service.

Long ago someone called me a princess. The first time I heard this I felt like I'm the only princess in the whole world. Who knows, I have this tiny little dream deep down, to be treated like a princess, living in a candy house, sleeping on a marsh mallow bed, wearing the most feminine dress and wear the best jewelry, like how they portray Disney princesses. 

Long wavy hair, hand glove, blue eyes...with a prince!

I don't get people to call me that much though LOL.

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