Friday, December 21, 2012


Well, guess the world is not end yet, but I woke up late today, thinking I don't need to work or just stay on the bed and wait for Alien/ Zombies/ Bomb/ Meteor.

Saw this from Leng Yein's FB: Couldn't agree more.
Before u meet the man of your life, u have to live like a man.
Couldn't agree more.
Today, is the day we should all feel grateful. Grateful that I'm breathing, grateful that I can think, can remember, can feel grateful. 
Grateful for the best thing happening now, being single and rethink my life.
Feel grateful for relook into my attitude, my kindness, whether my kindness kills.
Grateful for all the people came across my life. For you who spent so much time in my life. Thank you.
I'm sure I learn something out of the whole event.  I should live for myself ever since. I should treat myself like how I sayang my love.
Sometimes is really me, don't you realize? It's me who causes all the issues.  

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